Stay or Let Go with Sarah Lahbati

Finding a partner is difficult. But keeping a partner could be even complicated. As much as we want to fix a problem and try to overcome every challenge, we also have to understand when it is time to call it quits. And who better to give relationship advise than bride-to-be Sarah Lahbati? After all, she already managed to secure her happily ever after with Richard Gutierrez and their two sons.

Invasion of privacy is a serious issue. When you are in a relationship, it is important for two people to still have their personal space, even more so for two people to respect this. But the habit of secretly reading your partner’s messages can be corrected. The same goes for those who reply late. Admittedly, even the actress is guilty of this. In her defense, people have work and other activities that keep them busy. “You have to understand that hindi lahat ng tao has their phones on them all the time,” she explained.

Jealousy is normal in a relationship. Everyone gets a little territorial. At one point, however, this attitude has to stop. If this goes on for years, then that means you are not growing together as a couple. “’Yun na lang at ‘yun na lang ‘yung problema n’yo,” Sarah added. So, try to fix this issue in the beginning. If nothing changes, then start writing y our break-up speech.

Another problem that many couples encounter is excessive partying. If this is a lifestyle you both share, then everything should be okay. But if one person parties more than other and it starts to cause conflict, then “it’s probably time to let go”.

Sarah is not the only one who feel this way. Other Kapamilya celebrities also offered their advice about when to stay and when to let go like the “James and Pat and Dave” leading lady Loisa Andalio, Pamilya Ko actress Heaven Peralejo, fellow bride-to-be Mica Javier, and more!

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