What catches these celebrities’ attention

A variety of factors can captivate our attention, from physical attributes to personality traits. Curious to know what qualities catch the eye of Kapamilya stars? We reached out to them to know their thoughts. Watch the video to discover what they shared!

Kindness is a common theme in this topic. “Can’t Buy Me Love” actress Ina Raymundo is drawn to individuals radiating positive energy. Jameson Blake emphasizes the importance of politeness, like saying 'thank you' to crew members. Shanaia Gomez observes how someone treats restaurant servers or includes others in group hangouts.

Melai Cantiveros values kindness towards everyone, regardless of status, and she senses it through a person’s pleasant smile. Pepe Herrera and “Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit” star Sophia Reola associate kindness with humility and closeness with God, respectively, echoing sentiments of empathy shared by Kaori Oinuma.

Humor also catches attention, as noted by BINI members and Jeremy Glinoga. Kyle Echarri appreciates it when somebody shows a little crazy side and easygoing vibe. Darren Espanto finds shyness intriguing, especially when balanced with the ability to converse well. Meanwhile, Edward Barber values self-awareness.

For somebody who values loyalty and trust, Gela Atayde is easily drawn to people who are straightforward. In Jona’s words, somebody “na hindi nagsu-sugar coat just to please you.” 

For AC Bonifacio and Angela Ken, passion is key. Martin Nievera jokingly lists an annoying laugh, beautiful smile, and expressive eyes as attention-grabbers, while Robi Domingo humorously admits that what disturbs him catches his attention, mentioning rudeness as an example. 

Check out the video for their answers!