KSnaps Celeb Family Halloween costumes

It’s the time of the year again when establishments are decked with spooky yet cute decorations, Halloween-themed parties are organized, and horror contents are all the rage. But if there’s one tradition that would never be absent in this annual occasion, it would be people dressing up as their favorite fictional characters.

While this is common among kids, the celebrity families in this Kapamilya Snaps feature are proof that Halloween can also be a family affair!


Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati, and kids

Before becoming Apollo Adelantar in The Iron Heart, Richard put himself in the shoes of other fictional characters as his family celebrated Halloween in previous years. In 2020, he and wife Sarah Lahbati transformed into famous Hollywood couple Elvis and Priscilla Presley, while their sons Zion and Kai were little rockstars.

The following year, they all dressed up as characters from the popular British crime drama series “Peaky Blinders,” with his nephew David.


Bianca Gonzalez and family

Ever since becoming parents to Lucia and Carmen, Bianca and husband JC Intal make sure to celebrate Halloween even just at home.

During the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, they chose to pay homage to frontliners, with Bianca suiting up us a delivery rider, while Lucia as nurse and Carmen as a doctor. The following year, they brought Disney characters to life as the girls turned into princesses, while JC was their one and only Prince Charming. And last year, the Pinoy Big Brother host endeared netizens when she and her daughters put on adorable “PJ Masks” costumes.


Elisse Joson, McCoy de Leon, and Baby Felize

For sure, both Elisse and McCoy have enraged viewers with their characters Hilary and David in Pira-Pirasong Paraiso and FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, respectively. But in real life, we love seeing them together, especially when they’re with their unica hija Baby Felize.

Just like when they welcomed us to the future in last year’s Halloween feat through their snaps presenting them as space warriors in modern space-age-themed costumes.


Sofia Andres and Baby Zoe

Prior to enthralling us with her portrayal of Nyx Del Rosario in The Iron Heart, Sofia enchanted us first as Wednesday Addams of the popular Addams Family. On the other hand, her daughter Zoe was the cuddliest pumpkin we’ve ever seen!


Janella Salvador and Baby Jude

She surely mesmerized us with her transformation into the iconic Pinoy pop culture villainess Valentina in the 2022 teleserye Mars Ravelo’s Darna. But before that, Janella fascinated us first when she became Cruella de Vil for Halloween 2021, while her Baby Jude charmed us as a dalmatian pup. So cute!


Ryza Cenon and Baby Night

As she gave birth to her son Night exactly on Halloween in 2020, Ryza celebrated the wonderful occasion by having her and her newborn baby dressed up in matching Jack Skellington costumes at their hospital bed.


Neri and Chito Miranda and kids

Apparently, Neri and Chito are big fans of the Korean hit series “Squid Game.” So, for Halloween 2021, they dressed up as contestants, while their daughter Pia was the Robot Doll and their son Miggy was a guard.

The following year, their family chose to not adhere to a certain theme as they showed seemingly according to how they want to look. Neri was a zombie, Chito was a plague doctor, their daughter Pia was Valak, Miggy was Naruto, while their bunso cash was a cutie racecar driver.


Vicki Belo, Hayden Kho, and daughter Scarlet

Another family who takes Halloween seriously is the well-loved trio of Vicki, Hayden, and Scarlet. In 2020, they got a bit extra as they didn’t just pull off one, but two sets of costumes.

As a family, they brought to life “Alice In Wonderland” characters Red Queen or Queen of Hearts (Scarlet), Knave of Hearts (Hayden), and Mad Hatter (Vicki). Meanwhile, as a mother-and-daughter tandem, Scarlet and Vicki channeled the Wonder Woman in them as they wore two different versions of the superheroine’s costume.

The celebrity doctor also shared her unica hija’s Halloween transformations in previous years, such a butterfly and Princess Anna of “Frozen.”


Chesca and Doug Kramer and kids

The Kramer Family is a huge fan of Halloween, too! Through the years, Chesca and Doug, along with their three adorable children Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin, have transformed into various characters and creatures for this annual occasion.

In 2015, they attended a party in identical vampire costumes, except for the youngest Gavin who was wearing a football tee. The following year, they arrived in another party as DC Comics characters.

For their then-homeschooled children’s “Movie Character Day” in October 2019, Chesca gamely played dress up with their kids by putting on a onesie of Sulley from the animated film Monsters Inc.. Meanwhile, Kendra was Belle from Beauty and The Beast, Scarlet was Moana, while Gavin was Spiderman.


Kaye Abad and Paul Jake Castillo with son Joaquin

As first-time parents then, Kaye and Paul Jake were so excited for their firstborn Joaquin to experience Halloween. And in 2018, they veered away from the usual costumes as they attended a party in cute coffeeshop-inspired outfits.

The Kapamilya actress wore a brown dress with white frill on the neckline and a headdress that depicted the lid of plastic cups used for cold beverages. Her boys, on the other hand, looked adorable as baristas.


Kean Cipriano and daughter Stellar

As much as he’s game to play different roles in TV and movies, Kean is also willing to take on any character to make his daughter Stellar happy. Just like in Halloween 2019 when the Senior High actor became the Beast to Stellar’s Belle.


Jake Ejercito and daughter Ellie

He may not be in a romantic relationship yet (as far as we know), but that’s definitely not a problem for Jake, who has found a dependable and adventurous buddy in his daughter Ellie. We have already seen them do a lot of things together, but among our favorites was when they played dress up for Halloween 2016, with Ellie portraying Sofia the First while he’s her Prince Charming.


Carlo Aquino and daughter Mithi

And lastly, Carlo and his daughter Mithi must have used fairy dust for their transformations into Peter Pan and Tinker Bell for Halloween 2021. He wrote in the caption of his Instagram post, “You will always be our pixie dust. Our happy thought. Ligaya sa buhay namin.”

Which of these creative family costumes are you likely to cop, Kapamilya?