Sofia Andres shares how motherhood shaped her as a person and the secrets to a beautiful aura

Kapamilya actress Sofia Andres was anything but scared when she found out that she was pregnant. She might have been stunned but she was loaded with courage at the same time.  

As she answers questions in this episode of Kapamilya Confessions, Sofia looks back on how motherhood broadened her perspective. She learned to realign her priorities, be wiser in her decisions, and embrace a purposeful lifestyle. She considers motherhood as her biggest achievement. “I made it. I’m proud of myself. Nakaya ko lahat ng pagsubok,” she says.

Her new journey might be quite challenging but Sofia is eager to learn each day. She does not dwell on the uncertainties nor entertain doubts in her mind. For Sofia, life is just as simple as trusting the process. She highlights that things happen for a reason and at the right time, so there’s no need to overthink or rush. Everything falls into its rightful place as long as you are devoted to doing your best.  

The Kapamilya star is aware of the critical responsibilities enveloped in this new chapter. But she’s learning to choose the proper tools for survival – time management, setting schedules, and detailed planning.

While she’s completely devoted to Baby Zoe and partner Daniel Miranda, the actress does not neglect self-care. She allots time for exercise and yoga, besides playtime with her daughter. Sofia believes that the first step to success and glowing aura is surrounding oneself with positive people.

Baby Zoe’s arrival made Sofia and Daniel’s relationship stronger. Asked how they stay in love, Sofia thinks there are no complex secrets to keeping the love alive. Just don’t be scared to show how you feel. She adds that communication is important, as well as being supportive. Not into elaborate gestures, Sofia finds it ‘kilig’ when Daniel serenades her with his random love song compositions. The dutiful partner is trying to hone her cooking expertise. She loves preparing Daniel’s favorite dish, adobo.  

The lovely mom also takes on the First and Last Challenge. She reveals that her first embarrassing moment would have to be a failed bump car experience. Brushing the teeth is the first part of her morning routine. Her first teleserye is Princess and I where she played as Kathryn Bernardo’s younger sister. She’s instantly drawn to a person’s eyes. Baby Zoe is always the last person to cross her mind at night. Her first Instagram post is a self-portrait wearing the same dress she used during this interview.

Sofia also thanks her supporters, tells them she reads their messages and she loves all of them. Just like most of us, she misses going out to eat and watch movies. Nonetheless, she believes having enough time with the family at home is a huge blessing in itself.

The 21-year-old beauty wants to achieve more. She would like to finish her studies and become either an interior designer or a pilot someday. In the meantime, she’s a full-time mother to Baby Zoe.