So, you plan to study in Korea – here are tips and advice from Kristel Fulgar

For many of us who’ve been hooked on K-Dramas, South Korea is a dream destination for travel and studies, and even settling down. Actress-vlogger Kristel Fulgar is living the dream as she is currently studying in Seoul.

If you wish to take on the same route, here are Kristel’s tips and advice.

In an episode of Kapamilya Chat, the beloved YouTuber mentioned that it’s her first time living independently abroad. It sure took her a lot of courage – and a bit of Hallyu fantasies – to decide to live in Hongdae, Seoul while taking up a short Korean Language course at a nearby university.

Thankfully, she has basic knowledge of Hangul, which comes in handy when reading signage on campus and train stations. One of her adjustments was re-learning how to commute since her last time commuting in the Philippines was during her college days. But at least Korea has a good transportation system. The subways are very comfortable.

She had to buy new tools for the kitchen because she prepares her own food at least thrice a week to lessen her expenses.

The Goin’ Bulilit alum also observed that Koreans make sure to look presentable when leaving the house, so you may want to learn basic makeup skills should you decide to move to South Korea. 

“Mape-pressure ka dito mag-ayos kasi lahat ng mga tao dito, ‘pag lumabas nakaayos. Kahit sabihin natin na malapit lang ‘yung pupuntahan, maayos sila. Tapos nag-e-effort sila sa makeup nila, sa hair nila. Ma-i-inspire ka din. Para sa akin, naa-appreciate ko na inaalagaan talaga nila ‘yung sarili nila,” shared Kristel, who is used to wearing just jeans and shirt when going to the mall here in the Philippines.

Speaking of OOTDS, you should also consider the season when packing your clothes. Kristel, for instance, wasn’t able to bring enough winter clothes since she went there during autumn. Therefore she had to buy new ones, which means more ‘gastos.’

“Ang hirap pala ‘pag nasanay ka sa bansa na hindi four seasons tapos pumunta ka sa bansa na may apat na seasons na kailangan mo magpalit-palit ng damit.” Also, she has to look presentable in case of spontaneous vlogs. 

In South Korea, they also have bed spacing and condo sharing, although Kristel opted to find her own place. She stayed in Gangnam for the first three months. But, for practicality, since Gangnam is a central business district and has a very high standard of living (think BGC or Makati), Kristel moved to Hongdae, which also has a good vibe. Besides, it’s nearer to her university.

Kristel will fly to the Philippines after she finishes her course in February. She said she has projects and engagements waiting here and plans to organize a get-together with her fans.