KSnaps Celebs into Paragliding Skydiving

Many of us have surely dreamt of flying and seeing the world from above – just like how birds do. Thus, it is considered a great achievement for some once they’re able to ride an airplane. However, others are brave enough to further conquer the heights by taking to the skies through skydiving and paragliding as probably part of their bucket list.

Among them are our favorite Kapamilya stars, who enthusiastically shared either on social media or their YouTube vlogs their unforgettable and exciting experiences in jumping out of a plane as they went skydiving and/or taking off from a mountain or a hill with a parachute as they went paragliding. Find out who they are in this Kapamilya Snaps feature.


Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano

In the years that they’ve been together, DonBelle has already achieved a lot of milestones together. Among them was skydiving together, which happened during their visit to Dubai in December 2022 to promote their movie “An Incovenient Love.”


The Can’t Buy Me Love leading man shared the experience in one of her YouTube vlogs, which they considered as one of the best they’ve ever had in their lives. Donny’s younger sister Hannah also went with them.


Anne Curtis

Throughout her life, Anne has surely already checked off a number of items from her bucket list. And one of them is skydiving, which she also for did Dubai. The It’s Showtime host uploaded a vlog on her YouTube channel in May 2015, which according to her was part of her celebration as she turned 30 that year.

She captioned her video, “Another tick off my bucket list! What a thrill and definitely something I'd love to do again.”


Sofia Andres

It was also in Dubai where Sofia had her first-ever skydiving experience. While Sofia was in the famous city in June 2023 for the Kapamilya Kalayaan Karavan, Sofia saw it as a perfect time to jump off a plane. She might not have said anything in her Instagram post, but we know that she truly had fun based on the photos that she shared.


Kim Chiu

Being the certified “advenCHIUrista” that she is, it didn’t come as a surprise that Kim has already tried skydiving. She first tried it in 2017 during her vacation in Canada, which took place over the iconic Niagara Falls. It was also in that same year when she first did paragliding during an adventure-filled vacation in Nepal.

In 2018, she also confidently took on the challenge of paragliding during her Magandang Buhay guesting to promote her comedy-horror flick “Da One That Ghost Away” along with her leading man Ryan Bang. And she apparently couldn’t get enough of the thrill brought by skydiving as she repeated it in what seemed to be her fifth time during her visit to Australia that year.


Heaven Peralejo

As she took her first-ever solo trip to Bali, Indonesia in July 2023, Heaven made the most out of it by trying out paragliding. And she seemed at peace and relaxed while flying as seen in the reel that she posted on Instagram, which she captioned, “sometimes life takes you to a different height of life or different challenge of life so I told myself.., enjoy and seize the day coz You Only Live Once. ”


Kim Rodriguez

Aside from going on rides on her motorcycle, Kim apparently finds thrill as well in doing new things. And in 2022, she faced her fear of heights when she went paragliding for the first time, which she shared in one of her vlogs. The Nag-aapoy na Damdamin actress might be terrified at first, but she still enjoyed the experience as she got to catch a beautiful view of Tanay, Rizal.


Ian Veneracion

Just in case you do not know yet, Ian actually loves being in the skies. Attesting to that is his being a licensed private pilot, as well as having a license in skydiving and paragliding. In fact, he was able to use the latter in order for him to take on his important role during the beach wedding of Direk Cathy Garcia and her husband Louie Sampana in Zambales last year. In a video that he shared on IG, he was seen arriving at the event by paragliding as he showered petals of flowers from the sky.

In a previous interview, Ian shared that these extreme sports allow him to meditate because of how quiet it is up in the sky.