Sheryn Regis Barbie collection

Besides music, Sheryn Regis is also into fashion. And one way she enjoys her secret passion is by collecting different versions of Barbie – the fashion icon who just never gets old! Check out her collection in this episode of Kapamilya Chat!

Sheryn’s collection started after college in 2003. She was still based in Cebu City then and her first buys were a lot cheaper. When she had the money and the privilege to travel to different continents, Sheryn thought Barbie dolls are perfect travel souvenirs.

The collection boasts vintage and rare items like the 1960s Barbie doll, which enthusiasts from all over the world are bidding for. Sheryn doesn’t collect for mere aesthetics. She really loves Barbie and is happy to see the iconic doll evolve through the decades. She can talk about how to spot an original and a fake vintage Barbie. She said you can tell by the appearance of the lashes, clothes, and navel.

Sheryn is also updated with Barbie’s ‘collabs’ with world-renowned designers. She has some from the rare Bob Mackie and Versace collection. One of her favorites is the Barbie doll dressed by Monique Lhuillier. She got it as a gift from Monique’s parents, Amparito Llamas and Michel Lhuillier. These are Gold and Platinum labels, meaning they’re produced in limited quantities.

She also showed her Barbie dolls inspired by Lord of The Rings, Titanic, Bewitched, Wizard of Oz, and Superman. The Dolls of The World collection has dolls from Korea, Russia, Africa, and Navajo.

Sheryn has a total of around 100 in her home in Quezon City, around 300 in the United States, and a lot more in her house in Cebu City.