Shanaia and Albie struggled to control their smiles in Compliment Battle

After making us crazy ‘kilig’ with their sisig date, Albie Casiño and Shanaia Gomez gift us with more chemistry as they play Compliment Battle.

Kapamilya Chat dared ShaiBie to exchange compliments and the first one to smile or laugh would lose a round. We thought Albie had the upper hand because his punch lines and facial expressions are an easy sell to Shanaia. But let’s see what happens.

Albie opened the first round telling Shanaia she’s intelligent. He’d be complimenting her confidence as well. Meanwhile, Shanaia said she loves how Albie has a soft spot for his mom and family, and his brotherly relationship with KD Estrada and Anji Salvacion. The 19-year-old actress, however, laughed when told she has a big heart.

For round two, he called her independent and laughed right away. The third round also had Albie laughing after a quick exchange.  Same thing happened in the fourth and final round where he failed not to smile after calling Shanaia pretty.

Since Shanaia won, she had the power to give Albie any kind of challenge. She was actually a bit considerate, asking Albie to choose between two options – either he’d sing live or upload a Toxic Dance Challenge on TikTok. He said he’d rather dance. 

Check out the kilig game in this video!