Kapamilya stars collection

Kapamilya stars share why these objects hold a special place in their hearts!

We all have different reasons for collecting things we’re passionate about. Some do it out of sentimentality like rapper Kritiko’s specific milestones associated with his cap collection; to spoil one’s inner child like Rita Avila and her tons of Minion items; or to practice a hobby like Jolina Magdangal’s love for lomo cameras. In some episodes of Kapamilya Chat, celebrities shared their unique, impressive collections and tackled the kind of connection they feel with these items.


Rita Avila’s Minion Collection

Although known for her kontrabida roles, Rita Avila proves she’s only a bad woman on-cam and a real kid-at-heart behind the cameras. She still gushes over dolls and cartoon characters and owns a wide, super cute collection of Minion items.

Wearing a minion-printed shirt, Rita showed off the tiniest item in her collection, which is a minion earring she got from husband Director FM Reyes. He also gifted her with talking minion toys – the most expensive of them all.

Rita buys anything that has to do with minions. She has them in tumblers, lunch boxes, and even chopsticks. In the bathroom collection are towels, bath and hand soap, toothbrush, and even toothpaste.

There are minion notebooks, stickers, color pencils, hats, bonnets, sling bags, handbags, aprons, and socks, handkerchiefs, coin purse, bag tags, key chains, fan, cell phone cases, charger, speaker, gift cards, hair iron, coin bank, masks, and a minion perfume. Scattered and displayed all over the room are the cuddly minion stuffed toys. There has to be minion pillows, one is bed-sized, as well as sleepwear, pullovers, and bedroom slippers.

She also has the evil minion characters in purple. To top off her collection tour, Rita surprised us with minion candies.


Vivoree Esclito’s BTS Collection

It’s amusing to know that even the artists we admire would ‘stan’ other performers as well. In the case of Vivoree Esclito, the K-pop group BTS captured her fangirl heart. The certified ARMY flaunted her copy of BTS’ “Love Yourself” album series that comes in four versions. Each package contains a mini book, photo book, photo cards, sticker packs, and posters. She also has a copy of “Map of the Soul: Persona”.


Joao Constancia’s Watch Collection

Joao Constancia lives by the saying “Time is gold,” so much so he keeps a collection of vintage watches! He’s always been in love with retro items since he was a kid. Joao showed three digital vintage watches in different colors – gold, black, and rose gold.

He bought the gold one in high school and wears it almost every day, whatever his outfit is. The second item he bought was the rose gold, then, the black which is his current go-to piece.


Jolina Magdangal’s Lomo Camera Collection

The Escueta family is truly a bunch of artists. Apart from the love for music, Jolina and husband Marc Escueta are also into photography and in an episode of Kapamilya Chat, Jolina shared her collection of lomo cameras.

The Magandang Buhay host characterized lomo cameras as “mga camera na ginagamitan pa ng films tapos may pagka-artsy ang dating, may mga textures.”

She owns an LC-A camera, which is considered a true gem for digital natives. Next on her collection is a fisheye camera, which gives photos a distorted curved appearance. She also has an Action Sampler which is best known for its sequential flash, then she explained that the older the film, the better.


Karla Estrada’s Piggy Bank Collection

When it comes to taking care of one’s money, Karla Estrada cites saving in coin banks as an example. Showing us her three piggy coin banks in different sizes and uber-cute colors, Karla stressed that even loose change has a value, reminiscent of age-old Pinoy aphorism. “Kahit anong alkansya ‘yan basta gusto ko lagi ‘yung mga barya hindi naiiwan, nawawala o nasasayang.” The coin banks are getting heavy now, just proof of Karla’s frugal living despite the showbiz status.


Belle Mariano’s One Direction Merchandise Collection

The record-breaking viewership of “He’s Into Her” and success of “Love Is Color Blind” speak so much of Belle Mariano’s growing fan base. But, did you know that the young actress, who we all adore, is also a certified fangirl?

Belle showed us a few pieces from an album collection shared with her sister. From there, she talked about her extreme fangirling moments over One Direction and her favorite member Liam Payne. The most extreme fangirl move she did for One Direction was creating a fan account on Instagram and DM-ing the members one by one! She also used to celebrate Liam’s birthday each year by buying him a cupcake with candle, then she’d sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song for him and greet him.


Kritiko’s Cap Collection

Kritiko wears baseball caps like a true rap legend and he has a growing collection of this fashion item. Most of these caps were worn in significant events such as the black and green ones he donned in the music video of his EP “Tama Ko’y Mali,” the one he wore during a recording collab with Zephanie Dimaranan and JM Yosures, in a guesting in Magandang Buhay, a segment for Team Yey’s show, and a studio recording session with Loisa Andalio.

He also showed the cap he wore for Raise Your Flag with KZ Tandingan during the homecoming show for Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray at the Araneta Coliseum; and his second favorite that he wore in the music video for “Kababata” which opened the doors of mainstream music for him.

“Ang daming nag-aarbor pero di ko pinamimigay talaga kasi hindi lang siya basta sombrero, may kwento siya,” he said.


Angela Ken’s Cookie Monster Collection

Taking a break from all the soulful ‘hugots,’ new gen OPM artist Angela Ken bares her inner child by sharing her Cookie Monster collectibles.

Angela started her collection during her freshman year in high school, influenced by a friend who loves Elmo from Sesame Street. The “Squad Plus” member has Cookie Monster stuffed toys, pillows, and clothes from dresses and sleepwear, to crop tops and socks. Those who follow her on TikTok often see her wearing Cookie Monster sleepwear. She also showed the yellow Cookie Monster ‘pambahay’ she was wearing while uploading the longer version of her TikTok hit-turned-full single “Ako Naman Muna.”


Nyoy Volante’s Toy Collection

Nyoy Volante has been a toys and comic books enthusiast since he was young and he has now accumulated a huge collection that can make every hobbyist green with envy.

The King of Philippine Acoustic Pop and Tawag Ng Tanghalan hurado welcomed viewers to his studio that houses his huge collection. It’s a place full of action figures – from Ghost Busters to Toy Story, Batman, He-Man, and NBA. Nyoy organizes his collection on big shelves that are divided per section/collection. For instance, one portion is dedicated to the Guardians of The Galaxy section, Iron Man, Star Wars, etc.

He has a special shrine for his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle collection, which is made up of different versions such as from the 1980’s film, original cartoon, and comic book versions. On a separate row sits his Marvel collection and a Stan Lee figure.

Nyoy’s original passion was collecting Marvel comic books but the books alone wouldn’t feel as satisfying without the action figures.


Roxanne Guinoo’s Mug Collection

How do you keep travel memories fresh? Some would take lots of photos or vlog about the trip. But for Roxanne Guinoo, the best travel memorabilia are mugs collected from different destinations.

She started her collection with a pair of coffee mugs that she and her sister used whenever they visited their father in Saudi, thus reminding her of their sisterly bond. Then she thought of mugs as good travel souvenirs. She has mugs from her trips in China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. Her favorites are the huge Hello Kitty mug, the Minnie and Mickey pair, one gifted by her mother-in-law, and one that has her husband Elton Yap’s photo.

At the moment, there are approximately 50 mugs in her storage cabinet and it will grow more, knowing her love for traveling.

Lotlot de Leon’s Painting Collection

Besides her contribution to the film and TV industry, Lotlot de Leon also has so much to offer in the world of visual art through her paintings.

The Marry Me, Marry You star started painting in 2008. An exhibit and more than a decade later, she now has a wide collection of artworks, most of which capture the beauty and serenity of nature. The actress said landscape is her forte, showing one of her earliest works which is an oil painting of the sea. Flowers and mountains are also two of her favorite subjects.

Lotlot normally finishes a painting in a day and she either displays her paintings or gives them as gifts to family and close friends.


Sheryn Regis’ Barbie Collection

Besides music, Sheryn Regis is also into fashion. And one way she enjoys her secret passion is by collecting different versions of Barbie.

The collection boasts vintage and rare items like the 1960s Barbie doll. Sheryn is also updated with Barbie’s ‘collabs’ with world-renowned designers. She has some from the rare Bob Mackie and Versace collection, and one dressed by Monique Lhuillier. These are Gold and Platinum labels, meaning they’re produced in limited quantities.

She also showed her Barbie dolls inspired by Lord of The Rings, Titanic, Bewitched, Wizard of Oz, and Superman. The Dolls of The World collection has dolls from Korea, Russia, Africa, and Navajo.

Sheryn has a total of around 100 in her home in Quezon City, around 300 in the United States, and a lot more in her house in Cebu City.  And she can talk about how to spot an original and a fake vintage Barbie, telling it by the appearance of the lashes, clothes, and navel.

Rachel Alejandro’s Semi-Precious Stones Collection

As tribute to her travels and deep fascination for art and ancient civilizations, Rachel Alejandro opted to collect semi-precious stone artworks from different destinations beginning from a trip to India with her husband.

Rachel, obsessed with arts, museums, and ancient Greek and Egyptian culture, fell in love with a painting made of semi-precious gemstones they stumbled upon in India. Her chosen travel souvenirs would require good judgment on her part to tell if the gemstones are real. She said it’s in the colors, lustre, and weight.

Rachel, who’s set to star in The Broken Marriage Vow, flaunted the second item which she got from Santorini, Greece. It’s a replica of an ancient painting excavated in the prehistoric city of Akrotiri.


Alyssa Muhlach’s Notebook Collection

There are notebooks meant for messy doodles and taking down notes but the cuter ones are usually stacked quietly in a corner. They’re so pretty to look at that you can’t fill them out to avoid spoiling the crisp, beautiful pages. Kapamilya star Alyssa Muhlach knows exactly how it feels that she ended up with a collection of empty notebooks.

While note taking has gone digital, nothing beats the joy of writing down words by hand like when studying her character or attending short online courses.

But the ones with alluring covers are off-limits. “These are notebooks that I find pretty and cute pero never ko silang nagamit. They’re stacked in a box altogether and I don’t use them at all,” said the “Hello, Heart” star, showing a few favorites from her collection including those with Paris and Eiffel Tower covers, as well as Hello Kitty, glittery, and floral notebooks.

Learn more about these celebrity obsessions in this video!