10 Questions with Sam Milby

Sam Milby was chilling with a guitar and coffee when he gamely answered these 10 questions about himself. Here’s your chance to know about his childhood, dream destinations, even his regrets, and more.

One fact, Sam’s childhood dream was to be an architect, which he quite achieves through his role in the upcoming teleserye “A Family Affair.” Meanwhile, two things on his bucket list that he hasn’t crossed out yet are learning to play the piano and seeing the Northern Lights. The most beautiful place he’s been to is El Nido, Palawan.

Sam went a little profound sharing the most incredible thing that has happened to him. Known as a devout Christian, his answer was about God’s immense saving grace, “Because of what Jesus did on the cross, nothing we can do can separate us from God’s love, so having these realizations is one of the best things that could ever happen to you.”

Career-wise, it would have to be joining Pinoy Big Brother in 2005, “Doon nagsimula lahat. Wala ako dito sa proyektong ‘to and everything if it weren’t for PBB.” However, it was his hardest decision as well, “‘Yung comfort zone ko kasi nasa States, eh. I didn’t want to stay here. It was a hard decision for me because, you know, different culture and hindi ako sanay dito.”

Sam definitely had a meaningful start in his career, that’s why he’d take on the same path if given the chance to do it all over again, just tweaking a little about his pre-PBB days. “Kasi ‘yung Pinoy Big Brother, parang hindi ako prepared para sa lahat ng nangyari, lalo na sa Tagalog siyempre. I wish I have been more prepared pagdating sa acting and Tagalog,” he admitted.

The most difficult thing that has happened to him was losing his dad last year, also battling his mind. Sam admitted to being an overthinker.

The heartthrob pretty much had a happy and carefree childhood, thanks to his parents, who let him and his sister grow up exploring the world. Their parents allowed them to enrol in all sports they liked from skating to hockey, tennis, golf, motocross, and even wrestling. “They wanted us to experience so many things to see what we like and enjoy, and I really appreciate that,” he said.

It was a very unforgettable childhood that while other kids only pretend-played train trips, Sam experienced it for real, “We lived one block away from the train tracks, so kapag dumadaan ‘yung train sa city namin nang mabagal, sumasakay kami mga 2 or 3 am. Delikado, sobra!”

Also check out how excited he looked while sharing this funny anecdote from childhood: “We were walking out of the car and I tripped. When I tripped, I accidentally grabbed ‘yung skirt ng Ate ko, so nahulog. Naka-panty lang siya. Akala niya sinadya ko.”

He also remembered taking a super extreme and bumpy roller coaster ride, “Medyo takot pa ako sa roller coaster. Nakita namin medyo simple lang ‘yung roller coaster. ‘Ah, kaya ko ‘to. Madali lang ‘to.’ I just thought it was the simplest ride, no, it was the longest roller coaster sa buong mundo. It was like six minutes and very, very rough.”

Currently, Sam films for the upcoming series “A Family Affair” which he toppbills alongside Gerald Anderson, Jameson Blake, Jake Ejercito, and Ivana Alawi.

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