“Run To Me” stars Henz Villaraiz, Sean Tristan vouch for KDLex’s off-cam sweetness

KDLex fans will surely experience a huge ‘kilig’ boost as “Run To Me”  stars Henz Villaraiz and Sean Tristan spill behind-the-scene secrets. Henz and Sean also share about their characters and thoughts on “running away” in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

But, first, let’s get to know our guests. Sean was originally a TikToker before he starred in an indie film where ABS-CBN executive Deo Endrinal discovered him. He then joined The Squad Plus, and now stars in his first series, which is “Run To Me”  headlined by KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad.

You’d probably remember Henz for his stint in “Pinoy Boyband Superstar.” He also showcased his acting chops as Ylona Garcia’s love interest in the Kapamilya daytime drama “Sana Dalawa Ang Puso.” Henz is back after a two-year hiatus due to pandemic and he’s glad to be reunited with KD, his friend since their trainee days.

Sean is likewise happy, and honored, to be working with the breakout tandem of KD and Alexa. Besides, they felt very welcome on set where everybody gelled easily. Case in point: the two of them who got close when bubble taping started.

Pizza and coffee helped break the ice between Henz and Sean. Well, food keeps the cast connected, that of which KDLex fans play a big part by consistently sending food on the set not just for KD and Alexa but for the whole cast.

As if to thank the very generous fandom, Sean and Henz spilled on KDLex’s off-cam closeness. “Lagi silang nilalanggam sa ka-sweet-an nila sa set,” revealed Henz. Sean added, “I can confirm na nilalanggam talaga ‘yung KDLex on- and off-set.” They found it easy to work with KD and Alexa, who were both friendly despite the huge fandoms and success.

In “Run To Me,” Sean plays Diamond, Jewel (Alexa)’s brother, who grew up wealthy, caring, and sheltered. Despite the social status, Diamond and Jewel struggle with family dilemmas, forcing the latter to escape and in the process of running away meets Wilson (KD). Meanwhile, Henz is Pogi, a friend who sticks by Wilson’s side through his problems.

In keeping with the story’s theme, Henz and Sean shared their thoughts about fleeing from problems. They believe that escape can help especially in finding your peace and the time away can be used to assess the problem. As Henz put it, “Every once in a while siguro, you have to run away from your comfort zone.” You may take a short walk to reflect, or, like Henz, express your feelings through song writing. You may also escape through games as Sean does.

We all need to take a breathing space, but after that, brave the storm. In Sean’s viewpoint, “Baka mamaya lagi ka lang takas nang takas, hindi mo na na-fa-face ‘yung problem mo. Eventually, you have to do that.” Henz seconded, “It’s okay na tumakas to try to calm yourself. Pero mali siguro na tatakbuhan mo ‘yung problem at hindi mo na babalikan.”

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