Ronnie Loisa and Donny give advice about love and relationships

Valentine’s Day may be over, but people fall in love all year round. So, to guide everyone on their search for the one, the stars of “James and Pat and Dave” are answering some of the biggest questions about relationships. Ronnie Alonte, Loisa Andalio, and Donny Pangilinan are your newest love gurus!

How to love yourself?

“’Yung bina-value mo ‘yung sarili mo,” Loisa said. Loving yourself and knowing your self-worth are all about taking care of yourself. One way you can do this is by spending some alone time. “Wala kang kasama... na ginagawa mo ang mga bagay na gusto mong gawin,” Donny suggested.

How do you know you love someone?

“You just know,” Donny stated. If you need a sign, wanting to be with them all the time or getting jealous when they spend time with other people are some of the common signs. For LoiNie, it was love at first sight. “Simula nung nakilala ko siya, ‘yun na,” Ronnie shared.

How to fix a relationship?

“Desisyon n’yo dapat pareho nagkakasundo. Hindi naman laging tugma. Kailangan nagkakaintindihan lang kayo,” Ronnie offered. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. If you love the person, then learn to set aside your pride and forgive them. “Love each other, despite each other’s insecurities, despite each other’s flaws,” Donny added.

What is a relationship?

“Ayan ang problema sa mga millennials at kabataan. ‘Pag nakarinig kayo ng ‘relationship’ gusto n’yo jowa,” Ronnie ranted. Labels are important. There are different types of relationships. It can be between friends. Find out if you are on the same page.

What is an open relationship?

“Pangit ‘yun,” Loisa ended.

How many dates before you get into a relationship?

“Depende kasi ’pag mahal mo na, mahal mo na,” Donny said. Generally, it depends on the two people dating. But the important thing is to get to know each other as best as you can before committing.

There is no special formula when falling in love. But these advice from Ronnie, Loisa, and Donny can help you make the right decisions that will hopefully lead you to the one! If you already found that person, these love advice can help you keep that person!