Relive the passion and warmth this Feb-Ibig with Piolo and KC’s “Lovers in Paris” on YouTube

It may not be the first-ever Korean drama to be seen by Filipinos, but Lovers In Paris is undeniably one of the most endearing and top favorite foreign series shown on Philippine television that ignited the fascination of Pinoy audiences to the Hallyu world.

As many of us were enthralled by its narrative, more so with its lead heroine named Vivian who inspired us to courageously battle the struggles that come our way through her remarkable air punch while yelling “Aja!”, ABS-CBN decided to create a remake of it in 2009.

Topbilled by KC Concepcion as Vivian Vizcarra, Piolo Pascual as Carlo Aranaz, and Zanjoe Marudo as Martin Barrameda, Lovers In Paris follows the journey of the determined and gumptious Vivian who travels to the Paris, France in pursuit of fulfilling one of her father’s last wishes – for her to take up a degree in filmmaking.

But it has never been easy for her. Aside from having to make ends meet, considering the expensive cost of living there, she also has to send money to her family in the Philippines. This compels her to juggle different part-time jobs, including a housekeeping post in a hotel in which she got dismissed after being caught sleeping by the owner. Making matters worse was when her landlady kicked her out of her apartment on that same day due to her inability to pay rent.

In dire need of a new source of income, Vivian didn’t hesitate to accept the maid post offered to her by a kababayan she bumped into while wandering in Paris. To keep her job, she tried to be as creative as possible in order to impress her boss, who turned out to be Carlo. But instead of gaining his favor, she ends up agitating him and getting fired anew.

However, Carlo had to hire her again not as his maid, but as his fiancée for a corporate event. Just as when the universe starts pulling them closer to each other, things get complicated when Carlo’s rebellious nephew, Martin, falls in love with Vivian. Adding more drama to the story was Carlo’s affluent ex-wife, Karen (Maricar Reyes), suddenly enters the picture and tries to win him again.

Even though Kapamilya viewers were already familiar with its plot and flow, this Filipino adaptation of Lovers In Paris was still well-received throughout its run from September 28 to December 11, 2009. In fact, ABS-CBN had to replay its whole pilot week due to public demand after many people weren’t able to watch most of the episodes because of the onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy that same week.

Aside from the delighting and notable narrative, what makes this incarnation extra remarkable was the unmistakable chemistry and enthralling portrayals of its main actors KC, Piolo, and Zanjoe, who were first time to work with one another then.

The astounding performances of the supporting cast ensemble couldn’t be overlooked as well. They’re comprised by veteran and seasoned thespians such as Christopher de Leon, Assunta de Rossi, Mark Gil, Rachel Anne Wolfe, Ching Arellano, Maria Isabel Lopez, Matthew Aquino, K Brosas, Hyubs Azarcon, Dionne Monsanto, Daisy Carino, Manuel Chua, and Aaron Junatas among others.

Besides, who would not fall in love with the ever-picturesque City of Lights that served as its first filming location and its last song syndrome-inducing OST “Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin” originally by Kitchie Nadal?

And if you’re wishing to see Lovers In Paris again or haven’t watched it yet, we got you covered! As a Valentine’s treat this whole month of February, you can now stream its full episodes on the official YouTube channel of ABS-CBN Entertainment!

Whether you have companion or none this love month, we are definitely here to provide the kilig you need! Happy Valentine’s Day, Kapamilya!