KChat Two Truths & Lie Ralph Zabel Luis

When it comes to rising stars of this generation, Ralph de Leon, Zabel Lamberth, and Luis Vera Perez are certainly part of the list. These three, shining bright in the hit barkada series “Zoomers Season 2,” have grown incredibly close, thanks to their back-to-back filming schedules. But just how well do they know each other? To find out, we put their friendship to the test with a classic game of “Two Truths and a Lie.” Spoiler: it’s as fun as it sounds!

First up was Zabel! With a mischievous grin, she threw out these three statements: she’s a good swimmer, she wakes up at 8AM every day, and she’s super OC (obsessive-compulsive).

Ralph and Luis had their thinking caps on, trying to recall if they saw Zabel swim during their shoot at a beach resort in Zambales. But they thought maybe she was just too busy filming to swim. With that, they decided that the “8 am” statement had to be the lie. Wrong! Zabel laughed and revealed that she’s actually not a good swimmer at all. She doesn’t even know how to swim but is learning now. Lesson for the boys: trust your instincts, the first thought is usually the right one!

Next, Ralph stepped up with these three options: he’s very accident-prone, he plays the piano, and he graduated college with honors.

Zabel confidently believed Ralph graduated with honors and that he’s played the piano, so she guessed the first statement was false. Hmm. Maybe she mixed up the real Ralph with his character Atom, the honor student in “Zoomers.” But nope, Ralph is indeed very accident-prone. As a kid, he fell off stairs, bumped into walls, and tumbled off bikes. And even now, he gets injured playing basketball. As for the piano, he took lessons when he was young.

Luis decided to make things interesting with some truly random statements: “Tamad ako, wala kaming dogs sa bahay, and on time ako usually sa lahat ng ginagawa.”

Zabel and Ralph teamed up for this one. Zabel remembered seeing Luis arrive early for taping, so she figured the punctuality was true. Ralph vaguely recalled Luis mentioning a dog, so they concluded that the “lazy” statement was the lie. Bingo! They got it right.

Thanks to this game, we saw just how well these three know each other—or at least how good they are at bluffing! Through laughter and playful banter, Ralph, Zabel, and Luis proved that their bond goes beyond the screen, reminding us why we love watching them on Zoomers Season 2.,

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