Coco Martin leading ladies KSnaps

Coco Martin has become one of the most prominent actors of today. After all, he has been portraying the idolized Cardo Dalisay for more than six years on the longest-running action-packed teleserye, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Before being a major television sensation, Coco has delivered a number of iconic teleseryes that are hard to forget. More than that, the actor starred in them alongside the most stunning actresses we know.

Look back on some of Coco’s teleseryes and leading ladies in this Kapamilya Snaps feature!

Way back in 2011, when he was starting to get starring roles in teleseryes, he landed the double lead role of twin brothers Lt. Alexander del Tierro and Javier del Tierro in the gripping military drama Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin. Here, Coco was able to show his undeniable skill in action and drama. The task of playing two different characters and making us feel the chemistry between his characters and those played by recognized actresses Andi Eigenmann and Maja Salvador set him on the map as a talented actor of this generation.

Veering a bit away from the action, Coco focused on romance and drama when he played Daniel in the 2012 classic love story in Walang Hanggan. Despite this being the first time he worked in tandem with the then rising star Julia Montes, a massive CocoJul fandom was born. Their teleserye received overwhelmingly positive ratings and acclaim.

Coco is also known widely for his role as the Pinoy superhero Juan dela Cruz. Being quite versed in drama, this was still a challenge for him to venture into fantasy-based characters. As Juan dela Cruz, he was a half-aswang “Tagabantay” that would fight aswangs that were evil. Fans subscribed to the story too because of the exciting sparks that developed between Juan and Rosario, played by La Vida Lena star Erich Gonzales.

Ikaw Lamang was the next popular kilig-filled teleserye we witnessed from Coco. It was a timeless love story that spanned through the 1960s up to 1980s and another season set in the 2000s. Whether he played Samuel or Gabriel, he was able to exemplify moving care and sincerity for their true love, who were both played by multi-talented star Kim Chiu.

Come 2015, CocoJul returned to television screens for Wansapanataym: Yamishita’s Treasures. Amidst the adventure of the story in search for the infamous lost treasure, the serye brought back the romantic chemistry that Coco and Julia evoke when fans see them together.

Now, Coco is focused on his biggest project to date, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Years of working in various genres 一 may it be action, romance, or drama 一 has made him perfect his craft. His ability to easily connect and work with various leading ladies can also be seen throughout the primetime show. In the six years of the complex and thrilling story, Coco has been paired up with stellar leading ladies such Maja Salvador (as close friend and colleague, SPO1 Glen Corpuz), Bela Padilla (as Carmen, the wife of Cardo’s twin, Ador), Yassi Pressman (as Cardo’s beloved wife, Alyanna), and Julia Montes (as the newly introduced and mysterious Mara).

These certainly set Coco Martin apart from the rest in the industry. We’re excited to see what more he has to offer in his growing career!