PAANDAR 2019: 10 teleserye sidekicks who brought good vibes to our homes this year

Our 2019 has been filled with wonderful, riveting, and inspiring stories, thanks to the slew of teleseryes that graced our televisions this year. In these series, not only the actors playing the lead characters whose presence we highly anticipated, but their ever-loyal and dependable sidekicks as well who indeed amused us and delivered extra good vibes to our homes through their shenanigans.

As we’re about to embark onto another year, let’s take a look back on the second leads who made our viewing habit extra fun and worthwhile via this Paandar feature.

Empoy Marquez as Domengsu, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Cardo (Coco Martin) might have lost his first-ever reliable and admirable sidekicks Benny (Pepe Herrera) and Onyok (Xymon Pineda) in the early seasons of the long-running action drama, he has found a new one in Domengsu, who is equally funny and trustworthy as them.  Aside from being a good friend and one of the providers of comic relief, he was also a great help to Task Force Agila as he worked closely with as their asset in one of their missions.

Niña Dolino as Marissa, Halik

Avid viewers of this controversial series might have despised her as the “kunsintidorang sissy” of the main antagonist Jade (Yam Concepcion) who supported and allowed the latter with her wrong deeds. But at the same time, whether we admit it or not, we also found ourselves amused by her crazy antics too! Aren’t they a perfect example of partners-in-crime?

Hero Angeles as Ken and Chai Fonacier as Chari, Halik 

If Jade had Marissa, her rival Jackie (Yen Santos) had her own cheerleaders as well in her best friends Ken and Chai, who always got her back through the ups and downs of life. They were always willing to back her up whenever she’s in trouble or in despair, and join her as well in times of triumph and bliss. 

MJ Cayabyab as Isda, Ngayon at Kailanman

Aside from her family, Eva (Julia Barretto) had her best friend Isda by her side whenever she needs him. He might be the type who bravely calls her out once he noticed her doing things that he perceived weren’t right, but she could still depend on him in times of trouble  and even mischief.

Kean Cipriano as Ato, Playhouse

Marlon (Zanjoe Marudo) had not only found a friend in Ato but a trustworthy right-hand for his auto repair shop, too! He’s not only the lead male protagonist’s constant buddy in various shenanigans, but his dependable friend as well whenever he had problems or he needed some advice.

Kim Molina as Savannah and Kat Galang as Bonita, Kadenang Ginto

Definitely among the most popular sidekicks at present, Savannah and Bonita’s clashes on the top-rating afternoon soap opera never failed to exhilarate and amuse us as well.

As we all know, Savannah is the most trusted right-hand and accomplice of the wicked antagonist Daniela (Dimples Romana) not only in the office, but also in executing her crimes. On the other hand, Bonita has been lead protagonist Romina’s (Beauty Gonzales) best friend who she hired as her assistant upon clinching a position in the company.

Miguel Vergara as Joseph, Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit

The youngest (and perhaps the cutest) among the names listed here, Joseph had been one of our sources of good vibes when this daytime drama was still on-air. He and Mikmik (Sophia Reola) might have always figured in little tiffs, but we truly admired how he would protect and console whenever she needed it.

Pamu Pamorada as Tsoknat, The Killer Bride

Despite only meeting her for the first time then, Tsoknat was among those who warmly welcomed Emma (Janella Salvador) upon her arrival in Las Espadas. She may be a scaredy-cat who always got frightened of almost everything, yet she could be the bravest you would ever know whenever she needs her. Her bubbly and outgoing personality truly complements Emma’s mysterious and somehow taciturn guise.

Ogie Diaz as Hugo, Sandugo

The ever-dependable friend and assistant of Cordelia (Vina Morales), he always makes sure to attend to her and her family’s every need, regardless if it’s good or for evil. He is her most trusted accomplice in plotting her wrongdoings and her go-to person whenever she finds herself in the midst of problems.

Jana Agoncillo as Starla and Alex Baena as Tonton, Starla

Buboy (Enzo Pelojero) is indeed beyond lucky to have found not only one, but two, best pals in Starla and Tonton who would always accompany him in his shenanigans. Despite being completely different from one another – Tonton is a full human while Starla, as we all know, is originally a fallen star that has the ability to grant wishes and just transformed herself to become human – Buboy treats them equally. 

These supporting characters may only be secondary, but they’re proof that nobody could possibly live, thrive, or survive without someone who would consistently accompany or support us through the ups and downs of life. So, who’s your favorite teleserye sidekick?