PAANDAR 2020: 8 ultimate comebacks of teleserye characters that shocked the nation

2020 has been a truly crazy ride due to the various terrible circumstances and the delighting blessings we have gone through. And the same goes for the Kapamilya teleseryes that dominated local television this year and brought us different feels.

However, what definitely made our viewing more exciting were the comebacks, either anticipated or unexpected, of the characters who are believed to be already dead or escaped to faraway places to start a brand-new life. As we’re about to leave 2020 behind, let us revisit the eight ultimate returns of teleserye characters that really shocked the nation via this Paandar feature.

Robert Mondragon, Kadenang Ginto

We witnessed the agony of the Mondragon family when the private chopper boarded on by their patriarch Robert Mondragon (Albert Martinez) exploded right before their eyes and made us all believe that he’s indeed already dead.

Unbeknownst to us, he was able to survive the blast and got rescued by a group of seafarers aboard a cargo vessel. Being maltreated by some of his mates, he tried to run away and got shot. Fortunately, he was saved and taken good care of by a woman, who introduced herself as his wife when he lost his memory. As he regained his memory one day, he decided to go back to his family.

Camila Dela Torre, The Killer Bride

Just when everyone thought that Camila (Maja Salvador) died after a fire engulfed the detention facility she and her daughter was in, we were all shocked to find out that she was alive and definitely back for vengeance. She and her adoptive daughter-slash-accomplice Emma (Janella Salvador) were able to make everyone believe that she was indeed possessing her, which created chaos and further discord among the townspeople of Las Espadas, especially between the Dela Torre and Dela Cuesta clans. Little did they knew that it was just the beginning of Camila’s crazy scheme to avenge what had happened to her and her daughter, who was later on proven to be really Emma.

Loida Magtulis, Pamilya Ko

As the Mabunga family was only beginning to rekindle their ties, someone from Fernan’s (Joey Marquez) past resurfaced – his paramour Loida Magtulis (Irma Adlawan). Making things more complicated was the fact that she’s one of the higher-ups in the company where his wife Luz (Sylvia Sanchez) was working and she even hired their son Beri (Kiko Estrada) to be her personal driver.

In her wicked pursuit of taking Fernan back, Loida assured to make his family’s life miserable until they all give up. However, the Mabungas proved that their bond was stronger than her willpower as they chose to hold on to each other and fight her hand-in-hand.

Teresa Dichavez, Starla

While viewers knew that she went on with life after the painful death of her mom, Teresa’s (Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo) estranged father Mang Greggy (Joel Torre) was indeed surprised to see her back after so many years. Their reunion may have turned him emotional, but not her.

Unbeknown to him, his daughter, who’s already a lawyer, returned not to mend their broken relationship, but to accomplish the task entrusted to her by her boss-slash-foster father Attorney Robert Salazar (Tirso Cruz III) – to convince the people of Barrio Maulap to sell their lands to their company.

Saal Alhuraji, A Soldier’s Heart

Another character who we assumed dead but was actually still alive was Saal Alhuraji, the A Soldier’s Heart villain played by Sid Lucero. Amazingly, he was able to escape death during his rebel group’s bloody encounter with the state forces and went on to establish a new squadron that would help him fulfill his ambition of fighting for what he believed was right and just, as well as avenging the tragic demise of his father in the hands of the soldiers that raided their little community when he and his younger brother were still kids. And in order to make it easier and more possible, he shed off his usual garb and disguised as Abdul Waajid.

Jia Wong, Love Thy Woman

As she decided to stay out of his father and his first family’s shadows and find her own luck in Singapore, it seemed that Jia (Kim Chiu) couldn’t really do so their family company wished to collaborate with the startup furniture and design business she established with her friend.

Even though she didn’t want to as it meant having to deal with her half-sister Dana (Yam Concepcion) and her Aunt Lucy (Eula Valdez), she still did to heed the request of their patriarch Adam (Christopher De Leon). Knowing that she’s already based in Singapore, her reappearance at their office for their meeting truly surprised the notorious mother-and-daughter tandem.

Marissa Pineda, Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

Grieving the tragic death of her son and fearing for her life after her best friend-turned-rival Ellice (Iza Calzado) allegedly hired a killer to ambush her, Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) decided to hide in Indonesia and start a brand-new life there. Because of her kindness, loyalty, and skills, her employer didn’t only adopt her, but also gave her the jewelry store she owns after her.

Marissa used it as her way to exact revenge when she came back to the Philippines after 17 years, which definitely shocked everyone, especially Ellice and her former lover Gabriel (Sam Milby).

Diana Silang-Jacinta, Bagong Umaga

After the doctors-slash-owners of the hospital she worked in as a nurse refused to treat her sick child, which led to its eventual death, Diana (Glydel Mercado) exacted revenge against them by switching the newborn babies of Dra. Maggie (Sunshine Cruz) and of Monica (Nikki Valdez) who both gave birth on the same day.

She came back after so many years and now spearheads a non-government organization. She also serves as the adoptive mother of Otep (Kiko Estrada).

Whose comeback shocked and delighted you the most?