PAANDAR 2019: 15 Unforgettable ‘kilig’ teleserye moments of 2019

With all the nail-biting drama and complicated plot twists, a teleserye can undoubtedly trigger high emotions among its viewers. But all thanks to the love teams whose on-screen kilig encounters serve as breathers from the intense scenes.  Let us relieve the sweetest moments from 2019’s Kapamilya teleseryes that brought us warm and fuzzy feelings.   

Cardo, Alyana, and Alex in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Taking the same route to Cardo (Coco Martin)’s heart, Alyana (Yassi Pressman) and Alex (Denise Laurel) used their culinary expertise to tickle the handsome cop’s taste buds. Alex won teases from Cardo’s colleagues as her trophy. Meanwhile, Alyana proved that genuine care and effort are still the best way to feed her husband’s romantic soul.

Lino and Jacky in Halik

Star-crossed lovers Lino (Jericho Rosales) and Jacky (Yen Santos) rekindle their friendship after coming out of their catastrophic marriages. While Lino wanted to take things slowly, Jacky couldn’t help but slip out on her true feelings, slightly coating the scene with endearing kilig as she tried to save her face from embarrassment.

Inno and Eva in Ngayon at Kailanman

Inno (Joshua Garcia) almost jumped out of bed upon waking up next to Eva (Julia Baretto) staring at him, scared to offend the love of his life with the smell of his morning breath. So, Eva devotedly hushed her man’s insecurities, saying that she loves everything about him, even his stinky odor. Inno’s heart evidently floated in kilig as Eva ‘embraced’ all that he is right after a playful tickling game.

Zeke and Sheila in Playhouse

As love entails sacrifice, Zeke (Donny Pangilinan) willingly gave up a good night’s sleep to accompany Sheila (Kisses Pangilinan) and help her out in her tasks. His reward was a surprise embrace from the girl of his dreams.   

Marlon and Patty in Playhouse

Surrounded by the tranquil beach waves and under the starry night, Marlon (Zanjoe Marudo) and Patty (Angelica Panganiban) professed their never-changing feelings for each other. What better way to seal the heartfelt confession than a passionate kiss on the lips.

Kristoff and Cassie in Kadenang Ginto

Kristoff (Kycle Echarri) and Cassie (Francine Diaz) spent a magical summer night inside a tent as part of the Maxwell students’ activities. A stranger accidentally tripped off, gravitating Kristoff closer to his partner. The students cheered at the sight of the young sweethearts getting lost in each other’s eyes.  

Mikoy and Marga in Kadenang Ginto

A kilig confession transpired between Maxwell’s Queen Bee, Marga (Andrea Brillantes) and his twin flame, Mikoy (Seth Fedelin) who hailed from a simple world far from hers. But what Mikoy lacks in wealth, he makes up with his golden heart and this, according to Marga’s endearing revelation, is more than enough.

Lorenzo and Dianne in Los Bastardos

One sure-fire way to tell if a man is in love is when he craves for a woman’s presence. So, Lorenzo (Joseph Marco) asking Dianne (Ritz Azul) to share an office with him because he needed to “see her everyday” was an obvious give away of his true feelings. But not wanting to appear overly clingy, Lorenzo reasoned out that he was simply after work efficiency.   

Franco and Rhian in The General’s Daughter

Who would forget the scene when Franco (Paulo Avelino), at the height of his budding romance with Rhian (Angel Locsin), got his eyes irritated while trying to impress her with his onion-chopping skills? The electrifying chemistry between the two flared up as Rhian tend to Franco whilst drenching the moment in playful teases. 

Michael and Grace in Nang Ngumiti ang Langit

They may be distance apart but Grace (Shaina Magdayao) still won Michael (RK Bagatsing)’s heart by giving him comfort and assurance that things will get better via late night phone conversation. Isn’t it always romantic to hear a loved one’s voice before a good night’s sleep?

Iking and Sarah in Ang Hiwaga ng Kambat

Seated beside each other in a bench at school, Iking (Edward Barber) used his love for avocados to explain his true feelings for Sarah (Maymay Entrata). The latter tried to hold her kilig but Iking still knew what was happening to his “pars”, saying he may be blind but he’s not deaf to her heart’s beating. The affectionate confession between the two childhood friends turned lovers gave birth to their special endearment, “part”, meaning “pareng sweetheart”.

Elias and Emma in The Killer Bride

Emma (Janella Salvador) was dazed by Elias (Joshua Garcia)’s eyes and accidentally unravelled her feelings, telling him that his piercing stares never fail to keep her up at night. As she came back at her senses, Emma tried to avoid getting lost in Elias’ eyes again but only to find herself trapped in a more sensual moment as she touched his wounded cheeks until her hands reached his lips and they meet each other’s gaze.   

Chico and Pia in Pamilya Ko

Bliss is written all over Chico (JM de Guzman)’s face as he bagged the heart of the girl of his dreams. Pia (Alyssa Muhlach) tried to stop his new boyfriend from making a scene but Chico just can’t help but shout for joy in the middle of a busy street.

Leo and Grace in Sandugo

Trapped in Leo (Aljur Abrenica)’s affectionate words, Grace (Elisse Joson) had no way out but to reciprocate his boss’ love confession. Her hesitation faded in a snap upon hearing his words of assurance and feeling his masculine body wrapping her in an embrace.

George and Lena in Starla

Avid viewers of Starla would agree that Lena (Chantal Videla) had the most creative way of giving her sweet ‘yes’ to her suitor, George (Grae Fernandez) – by asking him to climb up a mango tree. George might have crashed dangerously on the ground but his efforts surely made Lena ‘fall’ for him even more. The secret lovers went home holding each other’s hands, taking each step as easy as they could.