Newest BL tandem Jameson Blake and Joao Constancia on the challenges and chemistry in filming “My Lockdown Romance”

Kapamilya stars Jameson Blake and Joao Constancia are the latest to join the BL series craze as they topbill the upcoming movie “My Lockdown Romance” Using the Manila lockdown as a backdrop, the film explores relationships reignited during the quarantine. 

The actors agree that the quarantine has indeed opened the doors for many relationships and discoveries. On Joao’s part, he learned to cook the perfect sisig recipe and he fell in love with playing the Rubik’s cube. He also learned to value his health more than any material thing. Working with a hectic schedule, Joao, and certainly most stars as well, used to lack sleep, neglect their meals, and forget to take their vitamins. During this pandemic, Joao realized the importance of investing in one’s health, saying only you could look after your own self. 

Jameson is trying to maximize the digital space by venturing into live game streaming and learning video editing. He used to live away from home before the pandemic has shaken up the whole world. The sudden changes made him think about how precious time is. He spent the community quarantine period with his family in Pampanga and he realized how much he missed them. Although he can’t travel to visit other family members overseas, he keeps in touch with them virtually.

To those still coping with the “new normal,” Joao underscored that you are not alone in your struggles. He knows how anxiety feels like. In times when the mind is absorbing too much negativity, one good way to fight the fear is by opening up to friends and loved ones. Have someone to talk to and release how you feel. Don’t be afraid to be judged because true friends and family will understand. Jameson added that looking for new hobbies or distractions will help you avoid overthinking. 

My Lockdown Romance” 

One of the biggest trends during the pandemic is the BL (Boys Love) series craze. It has long been popular in countries like Thailand and Japan. And as Filipino artists expand their creative ways, BL dramas started to get more attention in the Philippines.

Kapamilya actors Jameson Blake and Joao Constancia promise a fresh storyline and heart-fluttering chemistry as they star in the upcoming BL film “My Lockdown Romance” The coming-of-age movie follows the story of two high school buddies reconnected during the pandemic through social media. Jameson plays Tom, an introvert who likes to go by the rules. He’s used to keeping things to himself. He has a best friend named Gad (Gab Pangilinan), his total opposite. Tom is a soft-spoken guy while Gad is frank and she likes to verbalize the feelings he wouldn’t want to tell. 

Jameson relates to Tom when it comes to being a shy type. The biggest contrast, though, is Tom being a kitchen expert.   

Joao said he is pretty much like his character, Kendrick. They are both happy-go-lucky and outgoing. The only difference is he keeps the connection real, without a hidden agenda, unlike Kendrick who reached out to Tom only to offer him something. 

They auditioned for this project and they were surprised, thrilled, and grateful to be working on this movie. Joao was curious about lock-in tapings but despite the risks, he knows he’s blessed enough to have a job, his first lead role, during a pandemic. Besides, the production team took an effort to ensure everyone’s safety.

Although he watched several BL clips and series prior to the shoot, Joao studied his character’s nuances well to give it his own flavor. He made sure to be aligned with Kendrick’s past, motivation, and thoughts. He struggled on his first day when he had to bring out kilig in Jameson’s character. He then realized that love indeed knows no gender. He explained that when you like someone, the effort to make that person smile comes out just the same no matter what the gender is.  

This also marks a lot of firsts for Jameson. It’s his first BL role and first assignment during the “new normal.” Since the role is something new to him, Jameson needed more time contemplating the project. He talked to some people, although he already liked the concept. 

Most scenes were done virtually to minimize the risks of going outside. Jameson shared that acting in front of a screen and being a one-man team were among the biggest challenges of “new normal” Zoom taping. He had to set up the lights and cameras and prepare the props especially for the elaborate kitchen scenes. The production and director Bobby Bonifacio guided them through Zoom. And also thanks to Direk Bobby, they managed to pull off the kilig scenes despite some adjustments. The workshops also helped.  

Working with each other isn’t a problem for Jameson and Joao. They’ve been ‘tropas’ long before and they also worked together in the primetime drama Ngayon at Kailanman in 2018.
Considering that the Philippines is a conservative country, taking on a BL show entails a lot of risks. But for Jameson and Joao, they aren’t just doing this for mere entertainment. They are in their positions to spread awareness on the acceptance of the LGBTQIA community. Jameson believes that their movie is relatable and it will inspire a lot of people not just from the LGBTQIA. Joao further added that they’re happy to see the Filipino community getting more open about the BL genre. 

Compatibility Test

Kapamilya actors Jameson Blake and Joao Constancia promise a fresh storyline and heart-fluttering chemistry as they star in the upcoming BL film “My Lockdown Romance.” It talks about two high school buddies who fell apart and surprisingly got reconnected amid the pandemic through social media.  

Before the movie premieres on November 13 and to test their connection, the tandem took on the Kapamilya Chat’s Compatibility Test. Consider this as a sneak peek of their kilig chemistry in the much-awaited BL film!

Jameson and Joao share the same cup of tea in gaming as they both prefer PS4 over mobile games. 

They have different tastes in food, though. Jameson would go for sinigang because it’s soup-based, ampalaya because he likes to pair ginisang ampalaya with fried fish, and Korean food. Meanwhile, Joao would settle for adobo as his staple Filipino dish. He is not into eating vegies but he’d rather go for okra than ampalaya. He knew Jameson would pick Korean cuisine but he followed his heart and went for Japanese food. 

They agreed that concerts make for a memorable first date and that beach is more fun than mountains. Although they’re both night owls, Jameson chose sunrise while Joao said he likes the sunset more. Countryside won Jameson’s vote while the city bagged Joao’s heart. 

It was kilig to see them get each other’s birthday and shoe size right. The got the correct answer to Jameson’s birthday (June 17, 1997) and Joao’s shoe size (8 ½)

Show Jameson and Joao some love and support by watching their first BL movie and first lead roles via Star Cinema’s “My Lockdown Romance.” set to premiere on November 13. The digital film is available via, iWantTFC, IPTV, Cignal PPV, and Sky Cable PPV. Tickets are priced at Php150,