Name Drop: Kapamilya stars reveal their real names!

In a vast galaxy called showbiz, there are millions of individuals trying to give their stars a distinct shine and wishing to be a clear-cut choice among equally deserving contemporaries. While incredible talent and intense grit can bring a celebrity to places, the value of picking an apt screen name shall never be taken lightly, either. Leave the Shakespearean soliloquy, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” to true romantics alone because in the competitive world of showbiz, a thoughtfully crafted pseudonym can make a huge difference.


Bela Padilla, for instance, was launched via Star Magic Batch 15 as Krista Valle. She later on switched to Krista Sullivan, much related to her complete birth name, Krista Elyse Hidalgo Sullivan. And while there’s more to her than just being part of a popular showbiz clan, it can’t be denied that using the ‘Padilla’ surname has made a big change in her career. Bela is the distant cousin of King of Hearts Daniel Padilla while her mom and Robin Padilla are first cousins.


Maja Salvador reveals that she is Maja Ross Andres before entering showbiz. She was named after her father, late actor Ross Rival or Rosauro Salvador in real life, brother of celebrated action star Philip Salvador. Another multi-talented actress keeping at the Salvador legacy is Janella Salvador who simply omitted her second name. She’s legally known as Janella Maxine Desiderio Salvador.


Other celebs who simply dropped their second names are Elmo Moses Magalona , Edward John Barber , Kira Marie Balinger, and Seth Yancy Fedelin.


There are celebrities who twisted their birth names a little for easier recall. Cristine Reyes changed her real surname, Klenk. Ivana Alawi  is Mariam Al-Alawi in private life while Sue Ramirez was born Sue Anna Garina Dodd.


Baptized with real names that are a lot harder to pronounce and remember, the following Kapamilya stars opted to be called by a simpler moniker. Taking on their initials, JM de Guzman is Juan Miguel, RK Bagatsing is Ramon Khino, Kaye Abad is Katherine Grace; and Arci Munoz is Ramona Cecilia by birth.


Before having been assigned the screen name Donny Pangilinan, the heartthrob is called Donato Antonio Laxa-Pangilinan off-cam. Juan Carlos Cuenca has become popularly known as Jake; Anna Gianelli De Belen as Gelli; Enrico Lorenzo Pineda as Enzo; Anthony Angel Labrusca as Tony; and Mariestella Racal to as Maris. Rising star Maymay Entrata made some changes with her real identity, Mary Dale.


Yet, there are also personalities who did not hesitate to bring their birth names to the industry like Barbie Imperial and Daniela Stranner.