Nadine Lustre reveals ultimate picks in fashion, music, travel, and more!

They say that favorite stuff, taste in music, fashion sense, and the likes speak volumes about someone’s personality. In the case of multimedia superstar Nadine Lustre, her unconventional, edgy picks reveal that she’s not your ordinary gal.

For her MYX Headliner of the Month interview, Nadine lets us dive deep into her Top 5 closet staples, travel destination, songs recorded, and more!

On the Top 5 material things she bought for herself, Nadine first thought of her condominium unit. In love with her living space, she’s picky with furniture pieces, “I really value the furniture that I bought kasi they’re Italian. I told myself growing up that if I’ll have my own space, my own house, I’m going to dress it up with the best-looking furniture.”

And knowing Nadine, her heart beats for all things artsy and aesthetic! The first piece of furniture she bought was a dining table. She thinks the knack for decorating is influenced by an uncle who’s also into interior designing.

She also treasures a diamond ring she gifted herself with for bagging an acting award. “Ito ‘yung gift ko sa sarili ko for working so hard. Growing up, I’ve always been fascinated with diamonds.” This girl is so in love with sparkly fashion and makeup style. Remember when she said it’s her way of blinding the haters? After all, she’s born ‘Lustre!’

Next is the Jeep Wrangler she bought in 2017. Her choice of car speaks so much about her ‘astig’ and tough persona. It can conquer typhoons and flash floods so common in the Philippines – just as how she overcomes the biggest storms in life.

Nadine’s 5th favorite bought item is a painting that symbolizes how she survived the year 2020.

Next, her top 5 closet staples! Known for being a fashion enthusiast, choosing just five was quite a challenge to Nadine. Her first pick is a tiny Balenciaga bag in silver because it matches any outfit. She also owns a vintage 60s Chanel bag. 

Nadine swears by the put-together effect of accessories. She’d rather splurge on accessories than bags and clothes. Her favorite is a pair of vintage Chanel earrings given by her Tita around 2008 when she’s starting in showbiz. This fashionable aunt of hers is into modelling, thus the hand-me-downs.

Nadine’s ultimate fashion picks also include her Prada boots, although she hasn’t worn it yet. She likes boots because it goes well with the top-and-shorts trend. The ‘kween’ is a certified shoe lover – from sneakers to heels!

She also revealed the Top 5 songs she recorded. She said the collab with Ruby Ibarra titled “No. 32” was a spontaneous recording session. She also mentioned “Summer,” a duet with James Reid; and “I Like It,” her first self-written track. “Save The Place” made her emotional while recording, “Papasok na ‘yung first line, hindi ako makakanta kasi maiiyak muna ako.” The single “Glow” from her latest album is also memorable because she had to record some parts while lying down.

The multi-hyphenate star also has this talent of inspiring our wanderlust. And if you wonder about her Top 5 vacation spots, Nadine spills the tea! Number one on her list is El Nido, Palawan. “You can’t go wrong with the beaches here in the Philippines especially El Nido,” she said.

We know her as an anime lover as well, so it’s no surprise that she mentioned Japan. She also fell in love with the divine beauty of Greece, one of the locations for the JaDine series Til I Met You. She described the place, “It’s so blue and so white at the same time. The sunset is really beautiful.”

The singer-actress wishes to visit Egypt and see its famous Pyramids and explore its deserts. Known for being a nature girl, she would also like to explore the Amazon Rainforest one day.

Nadine’s playlist reflects her chill, free-spirited, and deep personality, although her mood dictates what she’ll listen to. Her Top 5 artists would have to include Lady Gaga and SG Lewis. She also listens to Jhen Aiko for some inspiration, “In a way, she’s telling me na ‘It’s okay to go through these things. It’s okay to be vulnerable.’ Her album actually saved my life, ‘yung Trip.”

Nadine admires Doja Cat for her spontaneity and Bjork for her unconventional music.

Check out this video to get to know more about Nadine!