Must-try fun, extreme outdoor water activities as seen on Kapamilya shows

How excited are you to go on vacation when the pandemic is over? If you have been daydreaming about places to visit, then check out these local attractions! Get ready to fill up your travel bucket list with fun water sports and extreme water activities around the Philippines. Whether you are with family or the barkada, everyone is guaranteed to have a good time!

Subic is only a few hours away from Metro Manila, which makes it perfect for a day trip. They offer the biggest inflatable island in Asia at 4200sqm. This floating playground is like an obstacle course on the sea and the cast of The Good Son had fun trying to navigate it. There is a slide, a human launcher, bridges, swings, tall towers you can climb, and more! If you are looking for something more extreme, try flyboarding like Ejay Falcon. You stand on a board that has jet nozzles underneath where water pressure will shoot out and thrust you up. Essentially, you get to fly around just like Iron Man.

Up north, you can try surfing in Baler like It’s Showtime’s Ate Girl Jackque Gonzaga. This is the most popular water sport in the world. It is all about balance but falling off can be fun too since you are at a beach. La Union and Zambales are also surfing destinations. Currently, the Philippines’ surfing capital is Siargao.

If surfing is too hard for you, Matanglawin suggests heading south for some wakeboarding at Camarines Sur. It is somewhat similar because you have to stand on a wakeboard. Here, however, you get to hold on to a handle that is attached to a motorboat. The challenge is not to let go of the handle. Once you have mastered that, you can try all sorts of tricks.

Much farther down south, there is Siquijor in Visayas. The Cambugahay Falls is a 3-tiered waterfall and swimming hole. You would really feel one with nature here. The best part is the Tarzan swing! According to Robi Domingo, this could be nerve wracking at first, but you will want to try it again and again afterwards.

Of course, when talking about places to visit in the Philippines, the list must include Boracay. Our trio momshies from Magandang Buhay experienced three of the many activities that you can try as well at this internationally famous vacation spot! First is helmet diving. As scary as it sounds and looks, this is actually relaxing. You get to walk on the ocean floor, watch fishes swim around, and see the beautiful corals.

If you want something more extreme, try the hurricane ride or the bandwagon ride. In the hurricane ride, you will sit on an inflatable disk that will be dragged around by a speedboat. There are no seatbelts on this ride. So, try your best to hold on and not get thrown off. In the bandwagon ride, you can sit, stand, or even kneel on the inflatable craft. The goal is similar: hold on as best as you can while you ride the waves at high speeds.

Which of these destinations will you go to first?