Mother’s Day 2022: Kapamilya stars bare the best traits they got from their moms

Growing up, we’ve probably gotten a lot of comments that we look like our moms or dads, or we’re even a mixture of both. While these usually refer to the physical features, it’s also inevitable for us to have also absorbed some of their traits, whether it’s admirable or not.

And in this Mother’s Day 2022 feature, a few of our favorite Kapamilya stars reveal the qualities they got from their beloved moms!

Viral Scandal actor Miko Raval imparted that he got his patience from his mother, who thinks about or weighs first the major things or decisions she would do before acting upon it. His onscreen partner Dimples Romana, on the other hand, thought that it could be her Mama’s cooking skills since she spends a lot of time in the kitchen growing up.

For Kiko Estrada, it would be the strength of his mom Cheska. Meanwhile, Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 celebrity housemate Anji Salvacion regards her mom’s patience and love for kids, which she inherited.

Not wanting to sound very cheesy, but award-winning young actor Elijah Canlas admires how his mother not easily gives on everything that she’s going through and wouldn’t stop trying until she’s able to resolve a problem. His “Misis Piggy” co-star Iana Bernardez, on the other hand, discloses that she and her Mommy Angel Aquino live by their shared life motto “have courage and be kind” as they both possess these characteristics.

Aside from being a great actress, Charlie Dizon is also known her being courageous and outspoken, which, according to her, she got from her mother. She described her Mommy Nida as someone who is a disciplinarian and who would frankly tell her and her sisters if they’re doing something wrong.

Her Viral Scandal co-stars also shared the traits they inherited from their respective moms. Kaila Estrada proudly shared that it would be her Mama Janice De Belen’s organizational skills, while it’s his mom’s cooking skills and love for music for Gian Magdangal. For Maxene Magalona, it’s her Mama Pia’s fondness for driving and her confidence in standing up for herself and speaking up for what she believes in, while it would be her Mama Sylvia Sanchez’s being hospitable and accommodating to everybody for Ria Atayde.

What about you Kapamilya? What are the best traits you inherited from your beloved mothers?