MNL48 had fun singing and getting creative in the “Sing the Situation” Challenge

Teamwork helped MNL48 slay this “Sing the Situation” Challenge!

We got to see how musically equipped they are as they think of songs to describe a given scenario. We tell you, the girls had so much fun!

The first situation was about waiting for food to arrive. “Ikaw at Ako” will sound perfect because of the lines “At ngayong nandiyan ka na, ‘di maipaliwanag ang nadarama.” Who wouldn’t feel this happy with food?!

To relate heavy traffic in EDSA, Center Girl Abby would sing the Happy Birthday Song. Not that she’s happy but it’s just funny and frustrating how we run late for important events like birthdays because of traffic.

To beat oil price hike, the girls would belt out “Spaghetti,” hoping the price will go “pababa nang pababa.”

They’re already full but the food still looks so inviting. For this scenario, the perfect song choice would be “Tukso.” Imagine accidentally leaving your phone at home. The girls describe the feeling with “Babalik Kang Muli” because whatever happens, they would be reunited with their phones.