ML player and anime-lover Yeng Constantino talks about plans to venture into game streaming!

Keeping up with her ‘astig’ image, Yeng Constantino is a badass in mobile games! Her love for gaming started last year, at the height of the pandemic when everyone was stuck at home and in search of new interests.

“Sobrang aliw siya!” she gushed about this newfound hobby. More than an antidote to boredom, it also gives gamers a place where they can interact and build a community, although there are some who resorts to trash talk.  Yeng, a certified Mobile Legends player, said her favorite character is Zhask.

Just like most of us, Yeng also tried other interests like cooking and gardening. But to each his own, they say. “Nagluto rin ako, naghalaman pero nung nahanap ko ‘yung mobile gaming, ‘Wow!’ Kaya ko talagang mag-spend ng time dito.” Yeng can play for five to eight hours straight – gamers can relate to this – to up her rank.

This isn’t a childhood hobby, either. Yeng grew up playing the likes of patintero, chinese garter, sipa, and luksong-baka for they couldn’t afford to set up a family computer at home. She would just take a peek on her friend’s gaming monitor. So when she became a star and earned enough, Yeng treated herself with gaming equipment.

“Bumili talaga ako ng mga gaming consoles. Nagkaroon ako ng Nintendo DS, PSP, PS3, Xbox. Parang ‘yung mga hindi ko afford before, talagang binili ko,” shared Yeng. The good thing is she knows how to balance work and playtime. She knows when to stop playing and focus instead on writing songs.

That’s why she was happily reunited with gaming during the pandemic – and she plans to level up by putting up her gaming rig at home. And, yes, she wants to try game streaming soon!

“Gusto ko siyang gawing regular. Gusto ko kahit 3 times a week makapag-gaming ako tuwing gabi tapos makakagawa ako ng music during the day, makakapag-collab kami ng friends ko. Nakaka-relate ako  sa mga gamers, ‘yung aesthetics nila, pinapanood nila, ‘yung graphics naa-appreciate ko,” she said.

Apart from mobile games, Yeng is also into anime. It started during the Sailor Moon era until she fell in love with the manga genre such as Flame of Recca and Ghost Fighter. She also loves Doreamon that’s why she’s currently on a hunt for Doreamon collectibles.

Yeng rekindled her love for anime during the pandemic, thanks to the movie suggestions she got from fans and the anime community. Yeng, admittedly one of the boys, said her most favorite series of all is “Hunter x Hunter.”