Miss TipidKarina’s easy and affordable DIY Milk Tea recipe

It is delicious and comes in a variety of flavors. It is perfect for when you need to cool down from the Philippine’s tropical weather. And for many who are obsessed with this drink, it is also a stress reliever. Who doesn’t love milk tea?

Because of the community quarantine, however, many have been deprived of this treat. Some can’t get it delivered because of the area, while others are saving up their money for the basic necessities. Whatever your reason may be, Miss Tipid Karina Bautista has the solution for you! In this episode of Tipid Nation, she made milk tea at home with a recipe that anyone can follow. More importantly, this is probably the cheapest milk tea you will ever try. Since this is Karina’s first time, she was assisted by Ara Sad Ji, owner of the Facebook page “Arabells Foodvention”.

First, Karina made the syrup. Yes, instead of buying syrup, you can easily make your own at home. All you need is equal parts white sugar and water. For this recipe, she used one cup. Simply dissolve the white sugar in your water until the mixture thickens. It should look clear.

Next was brewing the tea. To really get the earthy taste of tea, it is advised to use two tea bags per one cup of water. After a few minutes, it was time to assemble the milk tea. Add some milk, depending on your preference. The milk will help make the tea creamier and less bitter. Then, add some syrup, depending on your preference. The syrup is what gives milk tea its sweetness. Finally, add ice.

In total, this recipe only cost 46 pesos, but you can probably save up even more! It would be even cheaper if you already have white sugar at home. Also, 245mL of milk can actually make at least two servings.