Miko Raval talks about creating PPEs for frontliners, gives quick tour around Steeze studio

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, several people from all walks of life made a stand and emerged as heroes in their own ways. Even celebrities continue to lend a helping hand to the frontliners, the government, and those immensely affected by the lockdown period.

Kapamilya actor Miko Raval does his part by creating PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) for the frontline workers through his clothing business, Steeze Design Studios. A few days after the community quarantine was imposed, Miko was not only worried about Steeze’s sales but he felt more scared for the workers who have other mouths to feed. He knew that his business couldn’t afford to shell out money without the proper operations.

Coincidentally, the demand for PPEs blew up at that time. And his fiancée, Kaira Dimatulac, being a fashion designer by profession, joined the Manila Protective Gear Sewing Club founded by Mich Dulce encouraging everyone to take action in the fight against COVID-19. News about the scarce medical resources all over the country and health workers recycling trash bags as PPEs fuelled the local designers’ initiative. And after a quick meeting, Miko’s Steeze Design Studios signed up and started creating PPEs using the resources collated through donations. It was hitting two birds with one stone – helping the frontliners and providing opportunities for manpower.

In his recent Kapamilya Chat live interview, Miko took us to a quick tour around the Steeze studio. The first step in making PPEs, according to the actor-entrepreneur, is creating the pattern. Then, the ‘cutter’ will do his task and hand the pattern to the sewers.

After distributing 7,500 PPEs to healthcare workers and beneficiary hospitals, Steeze Design Studios still continue production of PPEs but, this time, they’re focusing back on commercial purposes. They cater to companies and organizations that would like to order PPEs for their staff.

Miko has indeed gone a long way as an entrepreneur since launching Steeze Design Studios with Kaira six years ago. The sweethearts, fresh college grads then, simply wanted to sell something for the Christmas season. But the universe brought them the right people and inquiries piled up, convincing them to take the garment industry seriously. From a 14-square-meter house that served as their small production area, Miko and Kaira managed to move into a 400-square-meter studio in a span of six years.

When asked how he is able to manage the business while working as an actor, Miko said the magic lies with hiring the right people and partners. Miko is confident that his ‘baby’ is in safe hands while he’s out hustling as a future bankable leading man.