Kapamilya dramas that featured school life

A huge part of our lives happened in school. Our classmates, teachers, lessons, hangouts, and many more make up a lot of who we are today. So no matter what age we are, remembering all that will always bring some warmth in our hearts.

Lots of Kapamilya shows let us see or relive our school experiences on screen. Regardless of what the story is, the setting itself gives nostalgic vibes and relatable moments. If you want to know the best shows that featured the school life, watch this Kapamilya Snaps video!


He’s Into Her (2021)

Do you remember the kilig of having a first crush in school or falling in love for the first time? He’s Into Her will bring back all those memories with its interesting enemies to lovers story between Deib (Donny Pangilinan) and Max (Belle Mariano) in Benison International School. It definitely seals the whole high school experience too with the various cliques, teasing classmates, and childish pranks.


Luv U (2012)

Even if the classes and faces are the same in school, each day is always something unique. Nash Aguas, Miles Ocampo, Sharlene San Pedro, Alexa Ilacad, Jairus Aquino, and more showed that kind of day-to-day life as they portrayed the students at Luv U or Lamberto Uy Villarama University. Each episode had something new and fun to offer, which also taught various lessons about life and love.


Kadenang Ginto (2018)

If you love school drama, then Kadenang Ginto is on your level. Cassie (Francine Diaz) and Marga (Andrea Brillantes) already have enough of a complicated relationship with the rivalry of their mothers Romina (Beauty Gonzales) and Daniela (Dimples Romana), but when both entered the school Maxwell, the tension between them became deeper. Marga’s Queen Bee position was taken from her as Cassie won over their classmates with her kindness. This led to more scheming and catfights that are quite reminiscent of school dramas we’ve witnessed before.


And I Love You So (2015)

Subtle comebacks and young rivalry are showcased from time to time by stepsisters Joanna (Miles Ocampo) and Trixie (Julia Barretto) in And I Love You So. Their family situation alone fuels their contention with each other, so being classmates in Benedictine College challenged their relationship even more.


Oh My G (2015)

Being a student also comes with struggles. Sophie (Janella Salvador) in Oh My G taught us all a very important lesson of having faith throughout it all. Even if she is young and without parents, she was able to overcome whatever obstacles she encountered in South Field Academy and in life with some trust and guidance from G (Leo Rialp).


Pamilya Ko (2019)

It’s common for brothers and sisters to bump into each other in school, especially if they have a big family. We got to see this in Pamilya Ko when the Mabunga siblings Peachy (Maris Racal), Persi (Jairus Aquino), and Pongky (Raikko Mateo) all studied at Adonai Integrated Academy. The three of them may be in different grades and have their own problems, but they all played a hand in helping each other survive school life.


Hiwaga ng Kambat (2019)

Adding an intriguing and mystical twist to a student’s life was explored in Hiwaga ng Kambat. Due to a curse, Iking (Edward Barber) was born as a boy that could turn into a bat which led him to be separated from his twin brother Mateo (Grae Fernandez) and their parents. Eventually, fate brought the back together at St. Francis Academy, but the long-lost brothers become great rivals. Iking, even born strange, worked on living a normal student life and resolving the poor relationship he had with Mateo.


Got to Believe (2013)

Childhood friends Chichay (Kathryn Bernardo) and Joaquin (Daniel Padilla) had an endearing relationship as kids in Got to Believe. But it was when they grew up and became classmates in Malaya University that led them to get to know each other more and build a stronger bond. Lots can definitely relate to this because the friends we make in school are ones that truly last. In the case of Chichay and Joaquin though, they slowly developed feelings for each other and became adorable sweethearts.


Mara Clara (2010)

Whether it’s the 1992 version with Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes or the 2010 remake with Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes, Mara Clara depicts a touching story of two girls that were switched at birth. Their lives cross again when the two start attending Apostle Academy as classmates. They had a rocky relationship at first, sometimes even being at each other’s throats because of school or personal matters, but they later learn to get along and discover the truths about each other’s pasts.

Which of these shows make you miss the “school life” the most?