Maxine Media & Winwyn Marquez on working with Gloria Diaz in “Beauty Queens”

Many expect beauty queens to be perfect. But in reality, these gorgeous women with good hearts and sharp minds are just humans – hurt by cruel words and hustling for survival. Miss Universe-Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina and first Pinay Reina Hispano-Americana titleholder Winwyn Marquez share engaging stories about their ‘new normal,’ and heartfelt revelations about their pageant journeys in light of their newest project “Beauty Queens” on iWant.

Besides the quarantine-born side hustle, Maxine and Winwyn are busy promoting their upcoming iWant series titled “Beauty Queens.” This isn’t a series that only showcases the glitz and glamour of the pageant milieu. It goes beyond the perfect illusion of beauty queens. Interestingly, the show circles around a family of beauty queens, the depth of individual and collective dreams, and the rigorous process of securing a crown.

The realities of a beauty queen’s emotional struggles are also tackled in Maxine and Winwyn’s iWant series. The latter breathes life to the character of an aspiring beauty queen turned activist, Tingting. The change of heart happened in college where she got a bigger view of the realities of women’s role in the society. Nevertheless, she would continue joining pageants for reasons that go deeper beyond the desire for glitz and glamour.

Playing as the eldest child, Maxine’s Daisy defied everyone’s expectations when she turned her back on the family’s pageant legacy to pursue a religious vocation. Maxine hinted at a deeper motive behind her character’s desire to become a nun.

Joining them in the series is Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz as Dahlia, the matriarch of the De Veyra family. Maxine and Winwyn are both in awe of Gloria’s queenly nature. They said the veteran actress and pageant virtuoso is a woman of wisdom, and they enjoy learning a lot from her.

Catch Maxine and Winwyn alongside Gloria Diaz, Maris Racal, Nella Dizon, and Ross Pesigan in the iWant original series “Beauty Queens” directed by Joel Lamangan.

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