Master Hanz reveals how Aubrey Miles’ books, vinyl player bring good luck to their home

With her ageless beauty and sexy physique, Aubrey Miles is arguably one of the “#goals” of many women out there, especially those who are in their 40s already. Besides, she also has a good life that she shares with her beloved husband and three children.

However, are you curious as us to find which part or items in her house makes her lucky? Well, Master Hanz Cua got us covered as he featured her house tour for a few years ago in the latest episode of Lucky Home with Master Hanz.

As the video commenced with the sexy actress opening their blue main door, the feng shui expert started off the commentary by reminding viewers that if we want to have the same color for our door, we should find out first if our astrological sign is lucky in terms of the water element, since this is what the said color symbolizes.

He then noticed the stairs directly facing the door, which could mean bad luck as it signifies money flowing out directly. However, it can be cured by putting plants and placing money frog or piyao to slow it down. The same goes for the narrow receiving area, which, according to her, must be spacious, well-lit, and tidy in order to enhance the prosperity and good luck. If the space is limited, then we should refrain from placing broken footwear or any form of clutter.

As a certified “plant mom,” countless plants could be seen around their house. While it’s great particularly in the living room, we should avoid thorny plants like cacti, as those will not only make us prone to foot or hand-related injuries, but can also attract ailments and negative energies to our household.

Another inauspicious thing about the stairs is the restroom situated under it, because it’s not good to have anything that represents water element, like the toilet signifies water element, as it will hinder the next generation of kin from having accomplishments same as their predecessors. However, it can be countered by turning the space into a storage area with cover or door installed.

Master Hanz found something that can bring in good fortune to them – her travel and fitness books. Aubrey indeed did a nice job in displaying those in their living area as it can attract good yang energy that will make her family feel good. At the same time, the relaxing music produced by their classic vinyl speaker exhibited in that area as well, signifies yin energy. As both the yin and yang energy are present in that space, it is considered balanced, which is nice as it will boost good family relationship.

As she climbs up the stairs, she showed a painting of a beautiful scenery in Paris, which is good according to Master Hanz as having this kind of artwork around the house bring luck for it enhances good energy. He then noticed that the balustrade of the staircase has a nice design, yet has holes, which is not okay as this means that the energy from the first floor can never go up to the second floor. To remedy that, we should cover the hollows or better to refrain from having stairwells with many holes.

Upon showing her Instagram corner, he saw a tea and fruits painting, which, according to him is best displayed in the dining or kitchen area. Hanging of paintings of food inside the bedroom should be avoided because it will enhance obesity.

Moving on to her walk-in closet, a framed poster of her album was seen on the floor, which is another no-no for him. To enhance good career or maintain good reputation, framed photos must be hung properly.

Master Hanz then admired how the headboards of the beds in their kids’ room are solid, because it conveys stability and education luck for them. Besides, its neatness brings good chi (or energetic life force), which attracts more luck at home.

Unlike the kids’ room, the bed in her sanctuary – a.k.a. the master’s bedroom – has a window at the back of its headboard. While it’s not advisable to have one, it can be remedied by placing a thick curtain to make the headboard more stable, just like what Aubrey and Troy did.  It’s also a good thing that they transferred the full body mirror, because it’s unlucky to have a mirror reflecting the bed for it symbolizes sleep, health, or relationship issues.

Aubrey imparted in the latter part of the video that they’ve stayed at that house for 11 years, but they regularly renovate it every year. This is two thumbs up for Master Hanz as doing so means yearly luck for them, too. Aside from the doing repairs, it can be done by adding new furniture or repainting the walls to attract more blessings and new opportunities every year.