PGT Rewind Sadako Amusing Comedy Act

Throughout the six seasons of Pilipinas Got Talent, we had certainly witnessed a variety of skills and talents – from the astonishing musical performances to the mind-blowing tricks and exceptional flairs.

But Mary Grace Decafe of Iloilo City showcased a totally peculiar number that we probably had never seen yet in the entire history of the reality talent competition. Instead of leaving us amazed, she instantly gave us eerie feels as soon as she stepped on the stage in a spooky White Lady appearance. They may appear courageous, but the way she looked didn’t fail to send chills down the spines of Vice Ganda and Robin Padilla, who immediately turned their backs at her and even got up from their chairs as she motioned towards their position.

As everyone anticipated what special tricks she was about to display, we were dumbfounded to see her lay a plain white cloth on the table and placed a metal cooking pot on it. She suddenly pulled the cloth with the cooking pot staying in place, which made the Unkabogable Star sarcastically utter, “wow, talented ah.”

Mary Grace repeated the process to an electric fan, which made her fumble and lost her composure as it lost its balance and its parts got detached. The judges and audiences also burst into laughter when she tried the trick to a television and a washing machine and had a hard time pulling the cloth out.

Judge Freddie M. Garcia didn’t say a word and nonchalantly pressed the “X” buzzer, while the rest commended her for effectively amusing everyone with her performance, and even requested for her to show her beautiful face. Prior to hearing the verdict of the jurors, the funny Ilongga asked for a hug from Vice Ganda, who, according to her, is her ultimate idol. Despite being initially frightened of her, she still heeded to her cordial demand.

The Unkabogable Star commented, “Kung entertainment at entertainment lang naman, na-achieve mo ‘yong entertainment.”

Watch out for more remarkable performances and unforgettable contestants from past seasons of Pilipinas Got Talent in the next episodes of PGT Rewind!