Maricel Soriano bares New Year’s resolution, things she looks forward to in 2023

Each one of us surely has traditions that we try our best to fulfill evey time a brand-new year starts. It’s that time of the year when we list down our plans, goals, and resolutions, and, at the same time, even arguably throw away the things that no longer spark joy or usable for us. And showbiz icon Maricel Soriano did both in her latest vlog.

In the five decades that she’s been in the entertainment industry, those who have been following her stellar career have surely witnessed many things that happened to her, especially her physical appearance. Thus, she decided to do some decluttering in her wardrobe with the help of one of her angels, as she let go some of the pieces that are either too small or too huge for her, and only kept those that still fit her like a glove.

While doing so, they shared their New Year’s resolutions, with the Diamond Star imparting that she wishes to lessen her smoking. With regards to the highlights of her 2022, she revealed that it’s when she lost weight and started vlogging and her “YouTuber” era.

At the same time, Maricel also looks forward to have more money, secured and permanent job, and good health, most importantly. Besides, she’s also excited for her upcoming Dreamscape Entertainment teleserye Linlang, which she’s going to star alongside Kim Chiu, Paulo Avelino, and JM de Guzman, as well as with the movie and another series that she’s going to do.

Furthermore, she also wishes to do vlog collaborations with other celebrities and YouTubers, so she asked for suggestions from her avid supporters and viewers, who she fondly calls “anak”.