Maligned, maltreated teleserye characters who stood up and fought back

It is in the nature of teleseryes wherein lead protagonists are maltreated, abused, maligned, disrespected to the point of being brought down to their knees. 

But what really makes these dramas even more riveting and cathartic for viewers is when we bear witness to the broken character’s grand comeback—rising again from the ashes, taking what is rightfully theirs and bring their tormentors to justice.

In this video, we see a montage of those epic, unforgettable scenes from various teleseryes wherein these characters experienced the most vicious debacles in their respective journeys in the narrative, yet we also see how they bounced back from the doldrums and fought back.  

In Pangako Sa Yo, we see Amor de Jesus (Jodi Sta. Maria) bewailing the rancorous treatment she received, after her relationship with Eduardo (Ian Veneracion) was forcibly squashed out of greed and lies and being banished in the slums of Payatas. But her vow to get back at her enemies had taken quite a ostentatious turn, transforming into the rich and powerful Amor Powers, ready to retrieve what she had lost.

For Romina (Beauty Gonzales) to not only get kicked out of a residence rightfully hers but also being framed for a crime she didn’t commit and jailed for it, thanks to the monstrosity that is Daniela (Dimples Romana), Kadenang Ginto viewers had been seething with anger as they witnessed her plight. Especially when a gang of correctional inmates, led by Cindy (Valerie Concepcion) plunging her head in a water drum, we saw her endure unthinkable pain. Yet, when she found the strength to face Daniela in a belated scene when she had been vindicated, Romina exactly did the same abuse upon her spiteful daughter-in-law, this time in a toilet bowl.

What other revenge drama can top a series like Wildflower, especially with Lily Cruz (Maja Salvador) receiving all kinds of backlash and fiendish plots from the Ardientes, especially when Emilia (Aiko Melendez) with the help of Julio (Tirso Cruz III) trying to silence her permanently by burying her alive! But they weren’t prepared for the biggest surprise of the series, when she actually “resurrected” and faced all of them in a grand event, ready to exact her vengeance.

In Asintado, Ana (Julia Montes) had been left for dead after an evil scheme that was meant to silence her over a crime of a powerful political figure, Senator Salvador del Mundo (Nonie Buencamino) she had first-hand knowledge that led to a media circus. Many didn’t believe her, including her beloved Gael (Paulo Avelino), who was befuddled by her sudden disappearance. Del Mundo’s adoptive daughter Sam (Shaina Magdayao), who is really Ana’s long-lost sister, was in the forefront of disparaging Ana given that she is also the latter’s rival in winning Gael’s affection. But as the Del Mundos thought she had been obliterated, Ana would emerge again, putting an end to her masquerade as hospital heiress Stella Guerrero and introduce her to the del Mundos in a gathering that she is the Ana Dimasalang they thought was dead and is back for retribution.

Meanwhile, Mirabella’s Mira (Julia Barretto) had been bullied in school because of her looks that resemble a tree branch. Seen as hideous, her schoolmates would pester her to no end, including an appalling incident during the school dance wherein Mira was scorned, ridiculed and even discarded. But it didn’t take long before Mira found the chance to get back at her enemies, using a mysterious flower that transforms her into a gorgeous lady, and renamed herself as Bella. She would become a successful model and would use her newfound stature to manipulate the people who destroyed her.

And lastly, in The Killer Bride, Camilla dela Torre (Maja Salvador) was set to marry the scion of the rival Dela Cuesta clan, Vito (Geoff Eigenmann), but was framed for the murder of Vito’s father Javier (Dominic Ochoa). Not only was the wedding cancelled, Camilla was hauled to jail over the crime she didn’t commit and when she gave birth to a daughter while incarcerated, a mysterious fire engulfed the facility claiming her and her child’s life supposedly and would vow to retaliate against those behind her misfortunes even if it meant doing it in the afterlife.  But as years passed, and an enigmatic girl named Emma (Janella Salvador) appeared in the Las Espadas town to claim she had been possessed by Camilla’s ghost—giving credence to horrific tales of “killer bride”—the real Camilla would appear very much alive and will use Emma to even the score. 

Catch more of the impressive comeback stories of these forsaken teleserye characters and how they accomplished their eagerly awaited transformation and reprisal against those who wronged them in this video!