Lyca Gairanod names Daniel Padilla as super crush, Sarah Geronimo as most beautiful actress

After a funny clip of her interview with veteran journalist Karen Davila went viral recently, DJ Jhai Ho caught up with young singer-slash-online sensation Lyca Gairanod in the latest episode of Hotspot, wherein she had the chance to completely talk about it, as well as promoted her newest song “Akala Ko Ba”.

Lyca commenced the episode by performing “Akala Ko Ba” and teaching the host the compelling way to sing it, just like how she did. DJ Jhai Ho started their fun chikahan by quizzing her about the hilarious moment she shared with the broadcast journalist. According to her, she really got shocked when Karen shrieked since the latter was soft-spoken prior to that.

As Karen’s vlog has already raked in more than two million views and the snap of their “gulat” moment has been turned into various memes, the 16-year-old singer expressed how proud she is of this bizarre feat and related that they’ve been constantly exchanging messages ever since it boomed.

With bigwigs like Nadine Lustre and John Lloyd Cruz as among the personalities featured in Karen’s vlog, DJ Jhai Ho asked how the veteran journo reached out to her for the interview. Lyca confessed that she initially thought that it was her impersonator Kaladkaren Davila, but upon confirming that it was indeed the newscaster, it really shocked and pressured her at the same time as she assumed that Karen wasn’t the type who jokes around.

However, that assumption was immediately shattered by the moment she got to speak with her on the phone and in person. They eventually became friends, with the young singer-slash-vlogger even schooling the veteran journalist yet neophyte YouTuber on how to make her videos catchy yet genuine.

Being one of the popular names in the local entertainment scene at present and starting her career at an early age through her triumphant stint in The Voice Kids Philippines Season 1, Lyca surely has experienced being exposed to a lot of negativities that come with her job. Yet, she’s still managed to maintain a positive mindset, relating that she’s able to do it by simply shrugging those off since she’s well-aware that being in the industry has made her prone to any kind of bashing or bullying.

“Pumasok po ako sa mga bagay na ‘to na alam kong may masasabi sa akin ‘yong mga tao kaya ako, alam ko na po sa sarili ko na, okay lang. Sila ‘yong nagbibigay ng positive sa akin, sila ‘yong nagpapalakas ng loob ko para mas ganahan [pa ako] sa mga ginagawa ko. ‘Yong mga ginagawa ko, para ‘to sa lahat ng nagmamahal sa akin at para rin ‘to sa mga walang tiwala sa ako. Kasi mas ini-improve ko pa po ‘yong sarili ko,” she stated.

Then she added, “Kaya po ako nagiging positive dahil din po sa Panginoon. Kasi alam n’yo po ‘yon na kahit na ang daming taong masakit magsalita, pero nagpra-pray lang ako always kay God na tanggap ko ‘yong mga gano’n. Pero okay lang po sa akin kasi ‘kayo God ang isa sa nagpapalakas sa akin’.”

With all the great things and wonderful blessings that she has received through the years ever since winning the inaugural season of The Voice Kids, Lyca has nothing but gratitude to God, her family, and to everyone who have supported her ever since. She conveyed, “’Di ko po ma-explain ‘yong happiness na nararamdaman ko po ngayon na dumating na po ‘to sa life ko, ‘yong mga blessings na dumadating sa akin. Thankful po talaga ako.”

Their conversation then veered to her newest track “Akala Ko Ba”, wherein she was asked to whom she dedicates it. She initially had a hard time answering it, prompting DJ Jhai Ho to tease her that she might be going through something. But Lyca refuted that she found inspiration to people who are going through rough times in their romantic relationships, especially teenagers like her.

Thus, the host asked her for an advice that she could relay to people her age when it comes to love. “Ang love, hindi minamadali. May time na para sa’yo. Kaya tayo nasasaktan kasi nagmahal tayo,” she uttered. “Kaya kayo nasasaktan kasi hindi pa kayo ready. Hindi pa ready magmahal ‘yong puso n’yo, hindi pa ready ‘yong sarili nyo para sa gano’n. Siguro kung mas iisipin ‘yong mga kabataan ngayon, mas deserve nila na family [ang priority nila]. Sarili muna nila ‘yong ayusin nila, wala silang ibang iniisip [kundi] pag-aaral. Kasi ‘yong pag-aaral, isa rin ‘yang daan para sa atin na maging mas malawak pa ‘yong pag-iisip natin sa mga bagay-bagay na ‘to.”

Being one of the fresh and pretty faces in the industry at present, not to mention being a talented singer, the 16-year-old admitted that there are guys who tried to profess their admiration for her. However, she all rejected them, telling them that she still has more important things to prioritize at the moment more than being in a relationship. And if they really want her, they should be willing to wait for the right time.

They then moved on to the fun games prepared by DJ Jhai Ho for her. First off, the “Assumptions Challenge” wherein she responded to the assumptions sent in by netizens and her fans to ABS-CBN Entertainment’s social media platforms.

For “November 21”, she reiterated that it’s indeed her birthday and recreated Karen’s “shocked” moment. She recalled how they used to usually prepare pancit and spaghetti in her birthdays in the past, and how she looks forward to it this year since she will be celebrating it with the veteran journalist.

A fan also commented, “magaling kumanta, please isama sa siya new gen [sic]”, to which Lyca was thankful for and expressed her interest to join ASAP Natin ‘To’s all-girls vocal group comprised of Sheena Belarmino, Elha Nympha, Zephanie Dimaranan, and Janine Berdin if the opportunity will be given to her. The other assumptions were “mabait na bata”, “mataray”, “super funny and super kind”, and “talented and pretty”.

DJ Jhai Ho also had her play the “Jojowain o Trotropahin Challenge”, wherein she determined who among the Kapamilya actors he mentioned is boyfriend material for her or she would only befriend. While she expressed her admiration for heartthrobs Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, and Joshua Garcia, she would only make friends with James Reid, Sam Milby, Marco Gumabao, Donny Pangilinan, and Ronnie Alonte. Meanwhile, she found it hard to decide whether Nash Aguas is jojowain or trotropahin for her.

With regards to the Kapamilya actress she finds the most beautiful, it will be her The Voice Kids coach Sarah Geronimo. As she confessed that Daniel Padilla is her ultimate showbiz crush, DJ Jhai Ho teased calling him to give her a message.

 DJ Jhai Ho wrapped this Hotspot episode by reminding her to be more cautious and responsible in everything that she does in social media.