LOOK: Humble beginnings of immensely successful Kapamilya celebrities

For a lot of celebrities, rising to fame wasn’t easy. They had to endure immense hardship, even the shackles of poverty, before making it big. They had to start working at a very young age, juggling their time in between projects.


Through their hardwork, talent, and persistence, with the help of the good people around them as well, they are able to achieve the success and lush life they have now. All their sacrifices have paid off, giving their families a better and brighter future.


In these photos, we see how these artists were before they were famous, showing how much they shared the same plight as most ordinary citizens toiling and dreaming of one day they could uplift their lives through their hard work.


And, when they did reach their dreams, they did not forget to share their blessings with other people and keep their feet on the ground. They utilize their popularity and talent to inspire everyone to never give up on our dreams and never cease believing in ourselves.


Here are some of these admirable, triumphant artists when they began their journey as simple, everyday people.