LOOK: How Vice Ganda literally rose from rags to riches in unkabogable fashion

For a lot of celebrities, rising to fame wasn’t easy. They had to endure immense hardship, even the shackles of poverty, before making it big. They had to start working at a very young age, juggling their time in between projects.

Through their hardwork, talent, and persistence, with the help of the good people around them as well, they are able to achieve the success and lush life they have now. All their sacrifices have paid off, giving their families a better and brighter future.

For Unkabogable Star Vice Ganda, it was literally a rags to riches story.  Vice shared in an interview that his family used to sell rags for them to survive their tough life. When he was in his mid-teens, Vice experienced unspeakable tragedy when his father was murdered. With his father’s death, Vice’s mother Rosario had to work as a caregiver abroad to support them.

Despite these unbearable circumstances, Vice remained determined to pursue his dream of becoming a host-entertainer. He would then work in comedy bars. His phenomenal rise from doing stand-up comedies to appearing on TV shows became a springboard to bigger things for Vice, until he landed a hurado stint on the talent show Showtime. It didn’t take long before Vice became one of the show’s main hosts when Showtime became the noontime show It’s Showtime loved by the Madlang People, and Vice became a top comedian, television personality and box-office star.

When Vice reached the pinnacle of his career, he did not forget to share their blessings with other people and keep his feet on the ground. He utilized his popularity and talent to inspire everyone to never give up on our dreams and never cease believing in ourselves.

Here’s Vice and the inspirational transformation we should all emulate.