KChat JM de Guzman on cheating,infidelity

JM De Guzman is currently hated for his role as the cheating husband Alexander, or Alex, in the digital series “Linlang.” Alex will stop at nothing to get what he wants and satiate his desire even if he hurts the people who dearly love him. But, in real life, JM is a contrast to Alex in that he will never tolerate cheating.

When asked by Kapamilya Chat if infidelity is a crime, the actor replied, “Oo, lalo na ‘pag kasal ang tao, makukulong ka talaga du’n, lalo na ‘pag caught in the act.”

“Hindi talaga magandag ipagpatuloy or even simulan ‘yung ganung klaseng relationship,” he reflected, adding that a third party relationship cannot be considered true love. Or, maybe, the third party can prove his/her love for the other person by letting go, “Kung mahal mo talaga ang tao, hayaan mo siya doon sa taong para sa kanya.”

Asked if cheating can be valid or justified, he answered, “Hindi talaga. Kasi dadaan ‘yung sa utak mo, eh, dadaan ‘yun sa decision-making mo. Nasa maturity mo na ‘yan. Nasa values mo na ‘yan as a person kung gagwin mo o itutuloy mo ‘yan. So, hindi siya valid kasi desisyon mo ‘yan, eh. Nasa’yo pa rin ‘yung power.”

He also thinks social media is one reason why viewers are deeply invested in infidelity stories, “Napapansin ko rin sa social media natin na ‘pag may nag-cheat, parang iku-crucify agad ‘yung tao. Ang dami agad nag-e-engage, ang daming nakaka-relate.” He added that Filipinos being mostly Catholics is one factor why everyone gets ‘gigil’ over acts of cheating, “Naniniwala sila na isa lang dapat.”

What’s your take on this topic, Kapamilya?