Learn the biggest ‘red flags’ in a relationship from Ina Raymundo via “Susuko o Lalaban” Challenge

Known for her feisty thoughts about love, Ina Raymundo sure had awe-inspiring lessons to share about relationship red flags in this edition of “Susuko o Lalaban” Challenge for Kapamilya Chat.

Ina would respond to different love scenarios and decide whether it’s worth keeping a fight or giving up. On the first situation about a controlling partner, Ina stressed that no one deserves to be treated like a puppet.

She thought it’s better to raise the white flag when one party isn’t keen on changing for the better. She said, “You don’t deserve that kind of treatment from anyone. Kung ilang beses mo nang binibigyan ng chance tapos ayaw pa rin magbago, suko na. Goodbye! Adios!”

About a partner who finds excuses to make time with you, the actress advised to talk the issue first, and that’s when you start gauging his reasons. “’Pag alam kong malabo, suko na. Kapag ‘yung person sobrang sweet sa’yo tapos biglang nag-iba, don’t be blind about it. There’s something going on.”

On a love disapproved by many, Ina believes it’s a case-to-case basis. She explained that while people are often clueless about what’s going on within the relationship, there are instances when parents and family members are right about their hunches.

On a love that’s one-sided, Ina maintained that there’s no better solution than give up. It all boils down to self-love and knowing your worth.

The next scenario is a common relationship problem – broken promises. Ina considers it a red flag, so it’d be better to sort through the issue and figure what’s best for you. She would acknowledge, though, that walking away is harder when you’re married. “You need counselling. Siyempre, ‘pag kasal ka, hindi naman ganu’n kadaling sumuko, ‘di ba? Ita-try mo ‘yung best mo para mag-work. Pero kung boyfriend mo lang naman, lay down all your cards.”

If you are in a relationship that crushes your self-worth, Ina reminds you to look at yourself in the mirror and engage in positive self-talk. Put your favorite lipstick shade on, exercise, or wear something nice – these are just little ways to make you feel good about yourself again.

The “Me and Mrs Cruz” star further revealed that she’s never been in a relationship that pushed her to fight with all her strength. The key, according to her, is to never invest too much on something you know wouldn’t last. In Ina’s case, she enjoyed her younger years. The only serious and long-term relationship she had is with her husband.

“’Yung asawa ko lang ang pinaka naging serious an relationship ko because ayaw kong mag-invest na alam kong hindi pa naman ako ready mag-commit. Halimbawa, nagka-boyfriend ako nang 21 years old ako, why would I give my all, knowing hindi naman siya ‘yung mapapangasawa ko. Ibibigay ko lang lahat pag nag-asawa na ako,” she said.

And when she met her husband, that’s when she knew she’s found a love worth fighting for.