A10 Atin Lang: Krystl Ball

It’s indeed awe-inspiring that, in recent years, the LGBTQIA+ community has gotten more representation in mainstream media through series and movies that incorporate themes or characters that give us glimpses of the struggles and victories of people who are part of the community.

And in the youth-oriented program “Zoomers,” which is now in Season 2, there are a couple of figures that embody bisexuals, and one of them is the bubbly vlogger Tania, played by Krystl Ball. While we already got a hint that she’s a loud and proud Cebuana based on her character’s introduction in her vlogs and her accent every time she speaks, there are definitely more interesting things about her that we do not know yet.

Thus, ent.abs-cbn.com took the chance of getting to know her a bit more in this episode of “Atin A10 Lang,” wherein she enthusiastically imparted four fun facts about her.

Just in case you’ll bump into her someday and wish to converse with her, then talking about Studio Ghibli could be a great conversation starter, as she raved about how much she loves it! We wonder what her top favorite film is and who her most beloved character is among the collection.

If you’ll ever invite her to eat out or in a traditional Filipino gathering, keep in mind that you can never make her eat dinuguan or pork blood stew because she apparently hates it, based on how she said it in this video. Meanwhile, she would certainly appreciate it if you’re going to take her into a Thai restaurant and order mango sticky rice for her since it’s her favorite dessert.

And lastly, brace yourselves to either have a friendly or intense argument with her once you have to discuss stuff with her since Krystl confessed that she’s the type who suggests competitively.

There’s certainly a lot more to discover about Krystl and her character, Tania, so you better not miss an episode of Zoomers Season 2, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5 and A2Z.