Kim gets to know her “Linlang” leading men JM, Paulo through fun challenges

Taking a break from the exasperating and intense scenes in the controversial online series Linlang,” its three lead stars Kim Chiu, Paulo Avelino, and JM de Guzman recently amused their fans and avid viewers as they gamely took on two fun games in the most recent vlog uploaded by Kim on her YouTube channel.

While we usually see them having fiery altercations on the series, the three are actually cordial off the set, such as in this vlog wherein Kim was able to display her vivacious personality, while JM and Paulo were in their usual introverted selves.

For Level 1, Kim had them play the popular “This or That Challenge,” wherein they had to choose between two options and had to explain their choices.

She commenced the exciting tanungan by asking them what they prefer more in a girl, long hair or short hair. JM simply said that he wants short hair, while Paulo likes long hair. 

They also have different preferences when it comes to how they like themselves to look. Paulo prefers to be squeaky clean, while JM likes himself to be scruffy.

With regard to choosing between series and films, JM is inclined in to do series more because it provides a larger talent fee, while Paulo would rather be involved in films because of the certain magic that it brings to him.

And speaking of series and films, JM said that he prefers to do drama, while Paulo wishes to try his hand at horror again. Paulo assigned the romance comedy to Kim so that all of them had their respective picks.

They might have their differences, just like their characters in Linlang,” but Paulo and JM agreed to certain things.

Both of them prefer a confident woman as a partner than a dominant one. They both like iced coffee more than iced tea, with Paulo disclosing that he’s not fond of sweet stuff, while JM is a self-confessed sleepyhead. The two of them would rather wear boxers than briefs, too.

While the “It’s Showtime host is an extrovert, both her leading men are introverts. Paulo revealed, “Kapag madaldal ako, may effort ‘yon, malaking effort ‘yon sa part ko.

All three of them love happy endings than sad endings, as well as painful truths than comforting lies as they all want to discover the truth however painful it would be.

For Level 2, the Chinita Princess got to know him further by having them play the “Green Flag or Red Flag Challenge.”

As all of them tagged “texting before calling” as a green flag, Paulo confessed that his phone is actually cannot be called, so whoever wants to speak with him via call must text him first. It’s also a green flag for all of them to be surprised on occasions, but Paulo divulged that he prefers to be the one to conduct the surprise for his loved one.

While “going with gay friends more often” is a green flag for them, posting PDA (or public display of affection) on social media is not something that both guys are keen on doing, so it’s a red flag for them.

A woman who knows how to drive, like Kim, is a green flag for both Paulo and JM, while it’s a red flag if she doesn’t have cooking skills. People who are quick to reply are a green flag for all of them.

And lastly, someone who is mapanlinlang or deceitful is definitely a huge red flag for them.

Before ending her vlog, Kim jestingly requested her dashing leading men to give heartwarming messages for her, to which both of them seriously heeded. 

Paulo started by saying, “I’m sure naging mahirap ‘yong ruta mo rito and transition from another role to this role. We’re proud of you!

JM also expressed how grateful and proud he is to be able to work alongside the Chinita Princess, stating, “Ako, I’m always honored na makatrabaho ka, Kim. Salamat dahil pumayag kang makatrabaho ako. I’m a fan. Saludo ako sa’yo.”

In return, Kim conveyed how lucky she is as well to have worked with both of them for the first time in a teleserye.

Linlang premiered on Amazon Prime Video last October 5 and is available for streaming in more than 240 countries worldwide. It immediately soared to the top spot upon its debut, as it has become the most-watched Filipino title on the said platform.