KDLex Paskulitan Christmas Special 2022

‘Tis the season to be kilig! KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad gifted fans with a dazzling number at the ABS-CBN Christmas Special 2022 “Tayo Ang Ligaya Ng Isa’t Isa.” The flutters of excitement extend behind the scenes as they granted a short interview with Alora Sasam and played the “Stocking Exchange” Challenge.

This would be KD and Alexa’s first Christmas together after their Pinoy Big Brother stints last year. While we expect it to be grand, considering it’s their first, KDLex opts to keep their celebration simple by spending quality time with each other. Although, KD might just be keeping things under wraps since he’s in charge of the planning this time.

So, what’s Christmas without the keso? KDLex turned cheesy in the “Stocking Exchange” game. They had to pick a piece of paper each from two stockings – one contains a set of body parts while the other has a list of action words.

In the first round, Alexa had to knock on KD’s back while giving him a Christmas message for 30 seconds. We hope your hearts are ready for what she said: “Hi, KD! Knock knock! Merry Christmas! Thank you for making my 2022 even better than the previous years. You’ve been a great surprise and a great plot twist in my life. So, I’m looking forward to 2023 with you.” Who else is writing down "plot twist" on their Christmas wish list? 

Next, KD picked the words ‘kurot’ and ‘tuktok,’ meaning he has to pinch the top of Alexa’s head, which is apparently one of her ticklish body parts. Thus, we don’t know exactly if she was trembling because of the kiliti or KD’s kilig message: “Thank you for being my guide. Thank you for being such a great friend, such a great partner, and such a great person in general. You deserve all the blessings in the world. You are one of the most kind people I know even if some people say otherwise. You are very kind and very generous and very sweet.”

With so much sincerity, he said, “And you deserve the world, and I want to give that to you.” Aww. Love is definitely in the Christmas air!

Have you watched KDLex and other Kapamilya artists in the ABS-CBN “Tayo Ang Ligaya Ng Isa’t Isa” Christmas Special 2022?