KD made Alexa blushed in ‘kilig’ as they play Compliment Battle

After KD Estrada described Alexa Ilacad as “perfect” in a past episode of Kapamilya Chat, this time, she called him “God sent.”

During their recent guesting on Kapamilya Chat to promote their series Run To Me,”  Alexa watched the clip of KD talking why she’s perfect in his eyes. “I’m not sure if I could say this but like me, she has a lot of insecurities and thoughts. I just want to say na she’s perfect just the way she is. Hindi niya kailangan baguhin ang sarili niya. Alexa, you are perfect just the way you are,” he stated.

Alexa admitted getting ‘kilig’ every time KD compliments her that way, although she tries to hide it, “Na-ta-touch ako, eh, kasi nakikita ko na sincere talaga siya ‘pag sinasabi niya ‘yun. Hindi siya bola lang to get on my good side o para lang matuwa ako. Na-fe-feel ko talaga from his heart na ‘yun talaga ‘yung nakikita niya sa akin. It feels nice kasi ‘yun ang hindi ko nakikita sa sarili ko.”

Now it’s her turn to describe KD – God sent. Alexa believes that KD and all these beautiful things happening for the both of them are part of Divine timing and plans.

From there, KDLex played the “Compliment Battle” wherein they would exchange flattery and make the other player smile to gain a point. So, ‘pag kinilig, talo!

The game kicked off from Alexa complimenting KD’s hair. But when he said she has gorgeous eyes, she easily broke into ‘kilig’ laughter.

Another proof of their closeness is KD knowing exactly what to say to make Alexa smile. He’d deliver the ‘banat’ with a poker face knowing deep inside that Alexa will laugh once she gets the punch line.

Play the video for more KDLex ‘kilig’ moments!