Who’s in for the ‘Royal Bardagulan Ng Taon?’ Momshies Jolina Magdangal, Karla Estrada, and Melai Cantiveros will feed our souls with laughter as they switch lives for their upcoming comedy film “Momshies! Ang Soul Mo’y Akin.” Before that, the trio hang out with us for a fun ‘kwentuhan’ on Kapamilya Chat

The Magandang Buhay trio went on to talk about the lock-in experience for “Momshies! Ang Soul Mo’y Akin.” Just the thought of being away from home is already heartbreaking, especially for moms of little kids. So for Jolina and Melai, the struggle was doubly hard, albeit they prepared the kids for the setup. Weeks before the actual shoot, they started talking with the kids about the lock-in, telling them they would be gone for a while but everything’s going to be fine. 

Sobrang hirap ako noong time na ‘yun pero sobrang thankful ako na tinulungan at inintindi nila ako,” Jolina said of coping with the setup through the help of co-stars and production.

Mothering teenagers is likewise a challenge, more so not being able to monitor them. “Mas nakakapag-alala baka mag-party-party,” said Karla. This reminds us of the never-ending struggles of motherhood. 

Talking about their roles and what they like most about them, Melai appreciates Mylene’s tenacity in giving her loved ones a comfortable life. Jolina loves Jolene’s fashion taste, which we can say is reminiscent of the momshie’s colorful trendy style, although she doesn’t root for her character’s egoistic, ambitious ways of getting what she wants. For Karla, it was fun to finally be a ‘donya’ even just for a role. She also resonates with Karlene’s big-heartedness for the family. 

On the ‘pulot’ they got from the film, the momshies stressed that comparison is a poison to one’s soul. After all, each of us is designed to live a specific life that’s only meant for us. But while we have different strengths, Karla acknowledged insecurities as a part of being human. The good thing is their film will impart lessons about overcoming one’s insecurities, “Ikaw lang ang makakagamot niyan by not comparing yourself to somebody else.”

Jolina steps out the plot, saying her biggest learning is that teamwork is synonymous with trust. The whole team was a mix of old friends and new faces but they managed to make it work because of their trust in one another.  

Momshies! Ang Soul Mo’y Akin” is about three women – Karlene, Jolene, and Mylene – who live different lives. They get the biggest shock of their lives when they woke up trapped in each other’s bodies. In case soul switching is possible in real life, Melai would love to trade places with Kathryn Bernardo, so she can call Karla her future mother-in-law. 

Jolina would love to take the form of a power woman, none other than Charo Santos-Concio because she’s amazed by how she does everything with grace. Proving that they are real besties, Karla would step into the life of Cory Vidanes, who she describes as “matapang.” Besides, they are both ‘warays’ and Karla can mimic the ABS-CBN executive’s speaking voice. 

Momshies! Ang Soul Mo’y Akin” will premiere on May 28 on, iWant TFC, TFC IPTV, Cignal PPV, and Sky Cable PPV. Joining the momshies in the cast are Thou Reyes, Manuel Chua, DJ Jhai Ho, Mitoy Yonting, Miko Gallardo, Juliana Parizcova Segovia, Pia Moran, Eris Aragoza, Francis Mata, and Jason Francisco.