KarJon reveals most treasured gifts from each other in ‘Bring Me’ game with a twist

If there’s one important characteristic we noticed from Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza, it would be none other than their genuine connection, a crucial part of a love team’s anatomy. Their chemistry isn’t something forced, or else, they wouldn’t be able to easily squeeze themselves in the busy scene of showbiz. KarJon is a natural and they know how to give and take, as what we saw in this Kapamilya Chat ‘Bring Me’ game.

They are so comfortable with each other that when asked to bring items describing their love team partner, Karina takes a roll of toilet paper, candidly disclosing that Aljon had a habit of running to the comfort room while they were still inside the Kuya’s house. Aljon, meanwhile, opts for a hanger and reveals that Karina likes hitting him when laughing or feeling kilig.

On the second round, KarJon is asked to bring an item they received from one another and here’s where the kilig soars higher. Karina shows a letter penned by Aljon for her birthday. She says the card is kept hidden in a treasured box inside her closet. “Labimpitong taong-gulang na ang ‘Miss Independent’ ng Isabela,” says the first line in Aljon’s letter. And while Karina wishes to keep the whole content a secret, the glow in her eyes reveal that it was sweet and heartfelt.

Aljon flaunts one of the tiny seashells that Karina collected from a beach trip. The shell as a gift might just be random and doesn’t have a particular significance but, for Aljon, little things matter most. He considers it as a lucky charm and always keeps it secured inside his bag. In that way, he could always take Karina’s presence with him anywhere he goes.

The sweet pair invites everyone to catch “Ampalaya Chronicles Presents: Labyu Hehe,” streaming on iWant starting June 3, the first of many lead roles awaiting the new love team.