Karina re-enacts iconic movie scenes in this fun Kapamilya Chat Challenge

We have known Karina Bautista as a brave teenage dreamer who grew up independently from her parents, earning her the moniker “Miss Independent ng Isabela” when she got in the Pinoy Big Brother house in 2018.

The angelic star has an inspiring story of overcoming hardships at a young age. True to the old saying that hard times produce wisdom and strength, those challenges were exactly the tools that sharpened her character. She has become more determined, hardworking, and financially wise. And the pretty young actress is now all-set to share this money management wisdom as the newest member of Online Kapamilya Shows Tipid Nation.”

Karina is no stranger to handling finances. Growing up, she was handed the role of budgeting the family allowance provided by her OFW mother. The task might sound too daunting for a child given the assumption that kids aren’t that capable and responsible. But the young Karina was different. She was aware of her environment and how to spend money at the right places thanks to her parents’ example.

According to Karina, her parents owned different strategies in handling money. Her mom is the type to give up personal needs and wants for the family’s sake. Meanwhile, her dad emphasized the need to save up without denying oneself of health essentials like food because “you cannot earn money when you’re not healthy.” These different economic styles groomed Karina into a budget expert, to the point of being taunted as kuripot. Yet our newest ‘Miss Tipid’ clarifies that she’s only concerned with where the hard-earned money is going.

Karina’s rule of thumb for saving up is to set a goal, so clear that differentiating priority spending from mere financial distraction won’t become a struggle. She also advises viewers to list down and track the expenses. At the moment, Karina’s goal is to save up for her college studies. 

To put her financial wisdom to the test, Karina takes on a quick challenge where she determines a specific item as either a need or a want. The star of iWant’s “Labyu Hehe” categorizes milk tea and dining out in Korean restaurants as wants, big expenses that only satisfy temporary cravings. On new clothes, Karina thinks these are ‘needs’ given her line of work as an actress.

Before the Kapamilya Chat interview ends, Karina gamely re-enacts three iconic movies scenes as Bobby from “Four Sisters and a Wedding,” Cali from “My Ex and Why’s” and Kara of “No Other Woman.”

Spend more time with Karina as she enlightens everyone with effective money-saving hacks in Tipid Nation every Monday 12nn on OKS.abs-cbn.com.