Karina and Aljon get real about their status as they answer fan questions!

The year 2021 looks bright for Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza – and they have their fans, and each other, to thank for that. So in this video, the young stars get candid in a Q&A session featuring the queries sent in by their fervid supporters!

Asked about the biggest challenge they faced as a love team, Aljon said the pandemic was a test of friendship, given the social limitations of digital communication. It resulted in misunderstandings as friends and love team partners. But as they mature, they’re also learning to cope with the challenges around them.   

They missed each other during the stay-at-home phase. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder. That’s why it felt refreshing when they finally got to see each other again in person. Through surviving the changes brought about by the pandemic, KarJon realized that honest communication makes a difference in sustaining friendships. 

Karina was honest about the struggle of keeping a balance between public and private life, “Knowing kung hanggang saan ‘yung dapat naming ibigay sa mga supporters namin. We are thankful but I think to set a line is very hard.”

Their holidays went extra sweet as they exchanged presents. She gifted him with a black hoodie while he gave her a cute purse with a watermelon design.

On the sweetest thing they did for each other, KarJon couldn’t think of one specific gesture. But the most memorable ones for Karina are Aljon’s consistent Valentine’s Day surprises. She said he’s thoughtful and he takes note of the little things that make her happy. On the other hand, Aljon revealed that Karina is naturally caring and she is always there to help.

They have ‘tampuhan’ moments, too, especially during the earlier days of their team-up when Aljon was admittedly ‘seloso.’

One admirable quality of KarJon is their give-and-take approach in growing their love team. Although they’re also looking forward to taking on individual careers in the future, they are bent on thriving as a pair at the moment. They make sure to help each other grow so they both can stand alone when needed.     

On the most asked question, their relationship status, Karina and Aljon opted for the words ‘super friends.’ They have grown closer over the years but real friendship is all they have at the moment, although they’re keeping their doors open. In Karina’s words, “Lahat naman may pag-asa. Huwag nating tanggalin ‘yung pag-asa. Let’s hope, maybe, we don’t know. We’re not pressuring ourselves naman.” Aljon chimed in, “Hindi naman namin pinipilit.” When that happens, we know KarJon’s ‘future’ romance will blossom because it has friendship as its core.

For him, Karina is a big part of his journey. On the other hand, she called Aljon the biggest plot twist of her 2018 and 2019, the greatest learning of her 2020, and still her partner in 2021.

The pair can’t talk about their V-Day plans yet. As avid fans, we could only wait and wish for a Valentine’s Day moment for these two!