Kapamilya teleseryes that shocked viewers with their unexpected, thrilling finale

With how it brings together everything that the viewers have seen throughout its run and has the ability to leave either a lasting or lackluster impression to everyone who fervently watches it since the premiere, these make the finale episode arguably the most important part of any series.

Over the years of watching teleseryes, we have surely seen various kinds of endings that left us either satisfied – because they’re able to meet our expectations or astonish us with an unforeseen twist – or discontented – as they fail to provide us with what we’ve been yearning to see.

And in this episode of Kapamilya Timelist, we present to you our picks for the 12 of the most unexpected teleserye endings that got us shookt and pleased to the core – in chronological order.

Sana Maulit Muli (2007)

One of the most memorable projects of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson both as individual artists and a loveteam, Sana Maulit Muli concludes with young star-crossed lovers Jasmin and Travis finally getting the ending that they wish and the viewers want for them. With the help of mysterious timekeeper Mang Andres (Michael De Mesa), they are given the chance not just to be together again after Jasmin’s tragic demise, but to also change the path of their love story.

The young couple don’t just have a happily ever after, but also fulfill their respective ambitions – Jasmin becomes a lawyer, while Travis becomes a doctor. Travis’ brother Brandon (Jake Cuenca), who’s initially against them, ends up being in a relationship and having a baby son with his partner Bianca (Neri Naig), while Jasmin’s sister Camille (Erich Gonzales) becomes a teacher.

May Bukas Pa (2009-2010)

Up to the finale, May Bukas Pa doesn’t fail to touch our souls and instill life lessons into the viewers. While in a comatose, Santino (Zaijian Jaranilla) reunites with his biological parents (Albert Martinez and Chin-Chin Gutierrez) and meets Mama Mary, who tells him that he still has to live to continue his mission of helping the people of Bagong Pag-asa and beyond. He may have lost his miraculous power to heal physical sickness that turns him into a normal kid, but he continues to be a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Walang Hanggan (2012)

Just when we thought that Katerina and Daniel, played by Julia Montes and Coco Martin, were going to have a fairytale ending after they got married, Walang Hanggan proves that the lead couple doesn’t need to be alive in order for a finale to be considered happy. Katerina died after being fatally shot during an encounter between Daniel and her brother Tomas (Joem Bascon), while Daniel perishes after he was gunned down by his brother-in-law in another altercation. Katerina and Daniel reunite in the afterlife and continue their journey to eternity together.

Juan Dela Cruz (2013)

Coco Martin may be known as a dramatic actor and an action star, but he also starred in a few fantaseryes, including Juan Dela Cruz. He played the titular character, a half-Tagabantay and half-Aswang who inherited a powerful bakal na krus from his deceased mother which he used to protect mankind from the dreadful aswangs or monsters. In the end, Juan found himself fighting against his wicked alter ego dubbed as Anak ng Dilim as he saved himself and his beloved Rosario (Erich Gonzales) from looming death.

Flordeliza (2015)

This may not be a top choice for many avid Kapamilya fans, but we believe that Flordeliza deserves to make it to this list. While the death of the main character is not new anymore, we were astonished that it happened to a kid who bravely faced her death for the sake of a loved one. Despite their father’s determination to save both her and her sister Liza (Rhed Bustamante) from falling off a cliff, the ever-kindhearted Flor (Ashley Sarmiento) chose to let go of Crisanto’s (Marvin Agustin) tight grip in order for him to focus on saving Liza. What a selfless act, indeed.

The Better Half (2017)

Arguably one of the most remarkable afternoon soap operas ABS-CBN has ever offered, The Better Half follows the story of four people entangled in love. Driven by her paranoia and obsession over Marco (Carlo Aquino), the deranged Bianca (Denise Laurel) killed several loved ones of Camille (Shaina Magdayao), the legitimate wife of Marco, including her new husband Rafael (JC De Vera). She also almost got Camille killed, but Marco arrived at the scene just right in time and shot Bianca from the back to stop her from her vicious scheme.

The Good Son (2017)

Our primetime viewing had been filled with mystery, suspense, and drama during the run of The Good Son, which story revolves around half-brothers Enzo (Jerome Ponce), Obet (McCoy de Leon), Joseph (Joshua Garcia), and Calvin (Nash Aguas). The mysterious and sudden demise of their father Victor (Albert Martinez) further divided the two families, which led to a lot of showdowns and wild turns of events as they alleged one another of having a hand in the crime. But everything turned out well in the end after they made amends with each other, especially one of the antagonists Olivia (Eula Valdez) who was able to express her regrets and apologies to Joseph before she died due to the severe burns, wounds, and injuries she sustained while trying to escape from the authorities.

Ngayon At Kailanman (2018)

Another love story with a quite tragic end was of Inno and Eva, portrayed by former reel-and-real-life sweethearts Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto in Ngayon At Kailanman.They were both killed through a fatal gunshot by his brother Oliver (Jameson Blake), who was totally bitter and in opposition to their relationship due to the romantic feelings that he harbored for Eva. Staying true to their promise of being “solid,” Inno and Eva reunited in the afterlife where they’re able to continue their happily ever after as they proceeded to the blinding white light they had encountered.

Asintado (2018)

From being just a drama actress, Julia Montes was able to display her facet as a promising action star through her role as Anna in Asintado. Women may be deemed as weak by some, but Anna was able to prove that we can be as powerful (or maybe even more) as men after she was able to singlehandedly kill antagonist Salvador (Nonie Buencamino) during their skirmish in the finale episode. She fatally shot him in the chest after being triggered by the nasty remarks he hurled at her, which caused him to lose his balance and plunge to his death after falling off a stair railing.

The Killer Bride (2019-2020)

While avid viewers of The Killer Bride already had an inkling that Emma (Janella Salvador) is possibly the daughter of Camila (Maja Salvador) whom she assumed was already dead, we were still delighted when Vito (Geoff Eigenmann) confirmed it in the finale. Of course, a dramatic encounter ensued between Emma and Camila, in which the latter expressed her apologies to Emma for filling her heart with anger and involving her in her vengeful schemes against the Dela Cuestas.

Dirty Linen (2023)

Since its Day 1, Dirty Linen never fell short in satisfying and exciting viewers in every episode, with its finale not being an exception. It was indeed truly epic and satisfying as we watched Carlos (John Arcilla) and Leona (Janice de Belen) being trapped inside the underground hideout where they both ran after he detonated the bomb he planted within the mansion premises. A huge fraction of debris covered the doorway, making it impossible for them to go out nor be heard by anyone from the outside, which made Carlos go nuts. Despite their plight, he kept on reiterating that they still won since they had their wealth with them and that he made his mom proud, while Leona lamented how she didn’t deserve that kind of punishment.

Senior High (2023-2024)

The finale might have received mixed reactions from its ardent viewers, but we can all agree that Senior High truly lived up to the hype until the end. Many were delighted that it was still a good ending for the majority of them, especially the Northford High senior high school completers who were yet to embark on the next chapters of their lives after all the crazy things that happened. At the same time, we were all shocked to find out that the main antagonist Gov. William Acosta (Mon Confiado) was still alive after being presumed dead when he fell off the building during his encounter with Sky (Andrea Brillantes) and Z (Daniela Stranner).

What about you, Kapamilya? Which teleserye ending shocked and/or thrilled you the most?