Kapamilya stars sharpen their vocabulary skills in this fun word game!

For the sake of fun, we love watching our favorite Kapamilya stars take on exciting activities. In this vocabulary game, others would slay and some would score ‘waley!’

Former love team Grae Fernandez and Andrea Brillantes combined their brainy punches to knock down the “Ingles Mo ‘To” Challenge. Just a fun Filipino to English translation game! Blame it on the time pressure, Grae thought “palengke” translates to “shop.” He got it right – “marketplace” – on the second try.

The competitive Andrea was in a rush. She answered “nightmare” for “bangungot” and “siblings” for “kapatid.”  They quite had a cute argument about the English term for “ulam.” Grae tried to guess with “food” and “protein.” The correct answer is “dish.” Two points for the easy round!

For the hard round, the youngsters were puzzled by the word “piluka” which means “wig.” “Takipsilim” sounds familiar but not quite. Andrea tried to pull out a literal translation starting with “cover” derived from “takip.” The correct answer is “twilight.” Grae and Andrea failed in the hard round.

If you can’t think of the right answer, drop the punchlines instead. Kim Chiu did. She quipped that “kahel” refers to “bahay ng mga demonyo” because of the “hell” syllable. She was stunned to know that it’s “orange.”  The It’s Showtime host thought of “station” for “himpilan” (headquarters) and “princess” for “lakambini” (muse). Kim got no point but we’re giving her an A for effort. 

Coleen Garcia looked helpless but uber-cute trying to laugh at her mistakes. She was challenged to translate “hukuman” (courtroom), “pamahalaan” (government), and “talaan” (record). Coleen literally translated “kakahuyan” (forest) to “wood.” With no point by the end of the game, all she could say was, “Bagsak na ako sa Filipino.” But she knew all these back in the day, promise!

Gerald Anderson surely has brains and brawns. It’s just that Filipino vocabulary tests are a real challenge for ‘Amboys’ like him. Nonetheless, he gamely gave it a shot. He thought of “shine” as the English term for “kislap” (sparkle) and “episode” for “kabanata” (chapter). At first, he thought “pilantik” means “gay.” He got it right – “twitch” – on his second try. Gerald got one correct answer.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano star Michael de Mesa converted “kawanihan” (bureau) to “agency” and “lipunan” (society) to “nation.” He said, “Pwede na ‘yun!” His adorable performance is reminiscent of our student days when we’d beg the teacher at least half a point for every answer that’s technically wrong but close enough.

Juan Miguel Severo, of course, has a sweet love affair with words. And it was pretty clear in this game. The wordsmith translated “kundiman” to “love song,” “lipunan” to “society,” “bughaw” to “blue,” and “bagang” to “molar.” Juan Miguel also converted “pamantasan” to “university,” “kabanata” to “chapter,” “yeso” to “chalk,” “lakambini” to “muse,” “himpilan” to “headquarters,” and “kahel” to “orange.” He slipped out on “kislap” (sparkle) and “tungkulin” (duty). The spoken word artist got 10 out of 12 words correctly!

Check out this video and sharpen your vocabulary skills!

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