Kapamilya stars on being celebrities

Celebrity status, like all other things in the world, has its perks and downsides. Along the tantalizing fame and glory comes lack of privacy, bashing, and more. And the truth is no one will ever get used to it. Read on as Kapamilya stars share their thoughts.

We asked your favorite ABS-CBN artists if they’re used to being a celebrity. Surprise, no one answered ‘yes.’ For example, Albie Casiño forgets he’s an actor when out with friends. Although he’s been in the acting industry for more than a decade, he thinks he will never get used to it.

If an old-timer like Albie still hasn’t mastered showbiz life, let alone a newcomer like Shanaia Gomez. She related, “Hindi ako sanay na people on the streets are like ‘Shai! Shai!’ but it’s really fun and it’s really great.”

Being in the limelight is definitely not for the shy but there are many introverted celebrities who manage to work it out. Case in point: Vivoree Esclito, whose journey as a self-doubting girl we all witnessed inside Bahay Ni Kuya. Her being bashful is exactly why she’s still not used to a very public life. Yet the Pinoy Big Brother ex-housemate is here because she’s not doing this for fame but rather to share and hone her God-given talents.

Anji Salvacion is shocked at how her number of supporters multiplied since entering the PBB house. Even if she’s already a member of The Squad Plus before becoming a housemate, everything still feels new to her. “To think na pagpasok ko sa bahay ni Kuya, ako ata ‘yung may pinakamaliit na following sa social media. To receive them now, talagang nakaka-overwhelm. Grabe sila mag-support. They’re all so sweet pati sa mga friends ko and family. Ang babait nila. Grabe! Mafe-feel talaga  yung love at support nila sayo. Malalaman mo na whatever your flaws are, they still love you unconditionally,” she said of her fans.

KD Estrada’s life took a big change after joining PBB as well. So right now, he’s still trying to re-learn everything. “Two months ago, I wasn’t at this status. Then, the moment I got outside of a certain house, people recognized me agad. I’m still adjusting and getting used to it.”

Still of PBB fame, Ashley del Mundo needs constant resets to remind herself that showbiz is her new world.

Kiara Takahashi shared her honest explanation of what she (and probably her fellow PBB Otso housemates as well) feels about being in the business. She said they’re not yet used to being called celebrities and the pandemic has something to do with it. Their batch’s PBB stint ended in 2019. As expected, sudden fame and throngs of fans greeted them in the outside world.

However, the pandemic changed everything, as if they’re back to their old normal. “Parang ganun din naman kasi naka-mask ka, so walang masyadong nakakakilala sa’yo. So hindi pumasok sa ulo ko na, ‘Ay, artista ka!’ Kung ano kami, ganun pa rin naman kami,” she related.

Although keeping the celebrity status low-key, Kiara is aware of her new responsibilities as an artist to her audience. “Pero sIyempre, you just have to have that responsibility when it comes to social media. I also learned to have boundaries of my personal life and what I want people to know about me.”

She added, “I see it as a job and not because I do it for fame. The people that love you come after. But if you’re not good at what you’re doing, what is the point? So I really try to learn para may mbabalik ako sa mga tao.”

Lou Yanong would have to agree, “After PBB, nagkaroon ng pandemic, so wala. You don’t get used to it. Parang ang hirap.”

One thing Sky Quizon will never get used to in the world of entertainment is the unnecessary noise. He said, “I see it as a job. I see being an actor and a host as a job. If not for my being a host, being an actor, I don’t want the popularity, ‘yung fame. If I had the choice na itong hosting o acting ay wala sa world na magulo na parang pinagpipyestahan ka, ang daming masasabi sa’yo, ayaw. Sa social media, if not for the fact na trabaho namin to, I don’t personally see myself as a celebrity.”

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