Kapamilya stars best compliment

Who doesn’t get flattered when praised? Positive words are so powerful they make our day, get stuck in our head, and change the way we look at ourselves. For instance, these Kapamilya stars received sincere compliments that touched their hearts and had a huge impact on their attitude towards work and life.    

A friend told Alyssa Muhlach she’s one of the rarest people on earth “kasi grabe daw ‘yung love ko sa family.” What makes this compliment special is that it celebrates her character. It digs deeper than usual praises that only focus on physical beauty. She’s even surprised to know people notice her genuinely affectionate and respectful attitude toward others.

She said, “I’m really loving and sweet not just to my family but even to my friends and the people I meet. Kaya nabanggit ko ‘yung pet peeve ko, people who don’t respect kasi I’m the opposite. I’m very accommodating to everyone. It doesn’t matter kung boss kita or you helped me with something. I really make sure that I show kindness and respect for everyone.”

For content creators, one of the best feelings in the world is to be validated for your works’ positive effect on people’s lives. Esnyr Ranollo’s fans say his videos saved them from the attacks of depression and anxiety, and that he makes them happy in their darkest days. “I’m grateful din na napapasaya ko sila through my videos. I’m surprised ‘pag nakakatanggap ako ng mga ganung compliments kasi hindi ko alam na by my simple videos, sa mga ginagawa ko, ganun pala kalaki ‘yung impact sa life nila. And that’s overwhelming for me as a content creator.”

To get a compliment is one thing but to receive it from your bosses makes it much, much special. After filming “Love at First Stream,” Daniela Stranner got a message from Olivia Lamasan telling her “I’m just so proud of you. Thank you for affirming what we saw in you in the beginning. Keep it up, anak.” The rising star was so overwhelmed, “Never kong nakalimutan ‘yun at ilang araw nag-stuck sa utak ko ‘yun.”

Anthony Jennings would quip, “Lagi naman akong natatawag na pogi. Hindi na bago sa akin ‘yun.“ Kidding aside, he appreciates when veteran co-stars reward his acting, “Napakasarap lang sa puso. Parang gusto ko pang magtrabaho nang magtrabaho .”

Janine Berdin feels ‘kilig’ when listeners especially ASAP Natin ‘To seasoned performers like Gary Valenciano, as well as her new-gen idols like Sam Mangubat and JK Labajo compliment her songwriting skills.

Any positive feedback about his music is deeply appreciated but one comment that stunned Jeremy G says he’s the “Brian McKnight of the Philippines.” “Nagulat at na-touch ako kasi ‘yung song na ‘yun, which is “Someday,” I was inspired by Brian McKnight. He’s one of the artists I look up to because he writes his own music. Just to be considered the “Brian McKnight of the Philippines,” I feel honored.”

Ashley del Mundo wants to be better at singing and she feels like she’s on the right track when people compliment her voice, “Everytime I do sing and someone’s like, ‘Ang ganda ng boses mo,’ kinikilig ako because I really want to learn and know how to sing. So it melts my heart.”

When people say you are their role model, it keeps you motivated and grounded at the same time. Kiara Takahashi is moved everytime fans commend her for the inspiration she brings, “’Yun ang biggest compliment para sa akin, na nakaka-inspire ako ng ibang tao, nakaka-uplift ako ng nararamdaman nila kasi alam ko ‘yung pakiramdam na ‘yun.”      

Kiara’s fellow ex-Pinoy Big Brother housemate Lou Yanong would have to agree. For Lou, it feels good to be called relatable, “Kasi akala nila mukha akong maarte pero ‘pag nakilala na nila ako or when they watch my videos, or when they see me online, ‘yun ‘yung sinasabi nila. Nakakataba ng puso. It makes my heart really, really full to help someone. It makes me want to do my job better.”

One time, a friend told Sky Quizon, “Thank you for being you.” And for him, it’s the ultimate compliment because it celebrates his existence, “the idea na kung sino ka, the entirety of yourself – both the good and the bad.”

He pays it forward by sharing words of encouragement to his Instagram followers. He uploads positive messages every morning and before hitting the sack at night. “To make someone smile and feel better about themselves, na nai-inspire sila, na kailangan kong marining ‘yung mga inspiring words. ‘Yun ‘yung mga compliment na in one way or another, the small things na gagawa mo impact so well,” he said of why he loves sharing motivational words. 

Anji Salvacion feels the sincerity from fans comparing her to the sunshine, “It’s so sweet na marinig yun from them. Somebody is calling me their sunshine. When the days are dark, I make them happy daw.”

For PBB Kumunity Season 10 celebrity ex-housemate Shanaia Gomez, the best compliments are ones that touch on her personality, “It’s like they’re seeing my efforts.”

It really feels good when somebody acknowledges your effort. That’s exactly how Albie Casiño felt when Init Sa Magdamag co-star Kate Alejandrino told him, “Grabe, bro! Ang laki na ng pwet mo!” While it may sound funny and shallow, for Albie, it meant his fitness routine and hard work are paying off.

Vivoree Esclito is very open about her insecurities, which makes praises harder to swallow, “I don’t take compliments kasi I’m very doubtful of myself na I’m not good enough.” But thanks to her impressive stint in Your Face Sounds Familiar, she slowly learned to embrace her power. And she loved it when judges and spectators commend her talent. “Performing is something I really wanted to do. Music is my first love. And to be complimented that I’m good at singing, dancing and I can perform, yun yung one of the most satisfying compliments na narinig ko,” shared the He’s Into Her star.

If you’re a fan of PBB Kumunity Season 10, you know how much KD Estrada struggled with low self-esteem as well. But through the help and motivation he got from Kuya and the housemates, KD managed to rise above his anxiety. One of those who helped change his perspective is Miss Grand International 1st runner-up Samantha Bernardo, who told him at random, “Ang gwapo naman ng batang to.” It wasn’t really about the words or being told he’s good-looking but who it was coming from. “I had low self-esteem at the time, then, Ate Sam was like, ‘Ang gwapo naman ng batang to.’ Just coming from a beauty queen saying that I’m handsome, nakaka-boost ng self-esteem.”

Words are more powerful than we think. So spread kind words today, Kapamilya! 

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